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12 Days Left …
June 1, 2010, 6:19 am
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So here we are, the 1st June 2010.

That means in just 12 days, I turn forty.


I must admit, I cannot comprehend that … I really do think I am about 28 … infact there’s times where I’ve looked at what I’ve achieved in my life so far and thought, “not bad Rob, I wonder what you’ll have done when you hit 35?”, only to remember I was 35 years ago and in theory, I’ve hit my peak and am now on the slow and painful journey into chino-wearing mediocrity.

Of course, given I’m about to join W+K [or to prove I now know how to spell it, Wieden + Kennedy] I am hoping I am able to delay that decline for a few years … but the fact is, I am turning 40 and that seems unfuckingbelievable.

When I was younger, clicking over to another decade was so exciting.

I can still remember being beside myself when I turned 10.

Ten … double digits … I was practically an adult.

And then again at 20 … a decade that promised so much interms of new adventure and experiences … and whilst hitting 30 was fairly miserable due to a bunch of personal circumstances and tragedies, within a few months I was able to embrace the possibilities and feel really good about it.

But 40.


It doesn’t help that I can remember my Dad’s 40th birthday … and that I remember thinking that was soooooooooooo old.

It also doesn’t help that the media have been on this “40 is the new 30” bollocks.

Let’s face it, that’s just not true … and whilst I don’t know how 40 year old people should act, I would say that if you were to see one behaving as I did when I turned 30, you’d immediately call him a sad fuck, phone for the Police and pray you don’t ever turn out that way.

But – and this is going to sound sappy – the biggest problem I have with turning 40 is that it makes me feel time with my wife is passing by too quickly.

I love my wife.

She is wonderful.

I can’t imagine what life would be like without her and I don’t want too.

She’s smart, funny, beautiful and kind and can make my best days brighter and my worst days less painful.

Over the years she has made some major sacrifices for me.

Not only have I taken her away from her family and friends … but I continue to take her away without seemingly any plan for it to stop.

I owe her … I owe her big time … and yet she asks for nothing and continues to encourage me, support me and love me in her wonderfully joyful way.

Turning 40 means I’ve known her 5 years … only 5 years … and whilst I [touch wood] have at least another 40 ahead of me, it’s simply not enough.

It’s times like this I wish I believed in a religion … a religion where I knew I’d meet her again, meet her earlier, but sadly I don’t and that is why I treasure every second with her.

She’ll hate me for saying this, but one thing I love is noticing the little lines that are appearing around her eyes.

There’s a couple of reasons for this … one is that she looks so bloody young it helps me feel less like a perv while the second is that it reinforces how close I am to her … so close that I notice little things like that.

All in all, my thirties were a stellar decade for me.

They say it should be the decade you make the biggest impact on how the rest of your life turns out – and whilst I don’t know if that’s true [and in some way, I hope it’s not as I/we still have a lot to do and experience] the reality is a load of amazing things happened in these 10 years … however without doubt the most powerful and beautiful one was meeting my wife and somehow convincing her I was good enough … and for that I am eternally grateful, both for her alarming lack of taste and the fact she’ll be by my side as I enter a decade where at the end of it, I will be universally classified as ‘old’, even if I still am wearing shit clothes and my Birkenstocks.

I hope the next 12 days go slow … but not as much as I hope the next 40 years with my wife do.

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If this post is a byproduct of turning 40, then you should have done it years ago. A very honest and touching post Robert, now I understand what Jill sees in you.

Comment by Lee Hill

Was this part of the deal to get Jill to agree to move to china with you?

I’m surprised you think you’re 28. Never seen a 28 year old have behave the way you do? 15 year old with Daddy’s credit card maybe, but never 28.

Nice post Rob, if this is what love feels like I haven’t been there yet and I’m glad because I don’t want to write love letters on a blog for a bunch of strangers to read/laugh at/get teary over. Unless it’s all a giant bluff to get more ladeez. Not saying that’s why you did it, just saying that would be clever.

Betting married men all over the World are cursing you right now. Pissing off the establishment again. You love it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The good news for you Robert is you’ve looked 40 for at least the last 15 years so physically there’ll be no change. The bad news is people will see what those lucky enough to have worked with you have known for a long time: the cynic is actually a warm, open, loving and emotional man which will do your bastard image no good at all.

Mind you I’ll be calling you all the names under the sun if Sarah sees this post because it will mean I’ll be spending my evening hearing how important it is to express your feelings. Thanks a lot Rob.

Comment by Pete

why is everyone commenting before me, dont you know the fucking rules? talking of rules campbell has just about fucked up all of them with this post but i guess thats why hes only on wife #1 while i had to fuck up my life and bank balance a few times before i got the message. not that id do it on a blog. thats fucking gay and about as romantic as sitting in your scrunnies, playing xbox, drinking a can of double diamond.

Comment by andy@cynic

People might not realize this but this comment shows how much you’ve changed or been changed by Mary. Nice to see Andy. I’m serious.

Comment by Bazza

changed? by a woman? you on the glue again?

Comment by andy@cynic

Ignore the silly men Robert, this is beautiful. Jill is a very lucky woman to have a husband who is strong enough to do this but I think you are a lucky man also to have such a beautiful wife who happily puts up with all your mischief.

We miss you, come visit soon.

Comment by Katerina

Best comment on here K.

Comment by Pete

creeping to k doesnt show youre a new age gay pete, it just shows youre a fucking crawler.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’ve never been a mainstream stereotype Robert, so I don’t think it’s going to start now, especially when in your 4th decade you’re moving to China to be the head of planning at W+K.
A wonderful post. I hope I express my love for my wife and children as well as you have here. I’m going to tell them now, but in person, not via a blog, I’m not that brave.

Comment by George

or that fucking stupid.

Comment by andy@cynic

Funny how this sort of post makes men feel nervous but Rob has an advantage over us, he’s got Italian blood and is near half a century of experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Following Pete’s comment, you have looked 40 for as long as I’ve known you which means you’ll look really young when you’re 80.

Think the next 10 years has the potential to dwarf your last decade of achievements. Brilliant post Rob and I hope I have half your energy and drive when I hit your age which is thankfully still many many years away. LOL.

Comment by Bazza

makes men nervous? real men dont get nervous baz. or thats what ive been told but im too apprehensive to ask the wife for confirmation.

and why the fuck are you being so nice to campbell? he cant do anything for you unless you want a pair of nikes and im sure your fucking disgraceful salary could buy 10,000 pairs of baby booty sized swooshes.

i made you and all i get is a few fucking out of date electronics. bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank you for all the nice comments. To be honest I hadn’t thought of how weird it may look to write this sort of stuff on my blog – but when you see what I’m talking about tomorrow – this will look positively plain in comparison.

Seriously, thanks for the words – but the real credit should be given to time and my wife. But I’ll take it. Obviously, hahahaha!

Comment by Rob

what the fuck are you talking about campbell? do i take it this blog will get back to normal rather than this mini revolution youve been attempting to pull off for the last 2 weeks? knew it couldnt last.

Comment by andy@cynic

Actually it is about my obsession with [best mate] Paul’s penis.

Kinda ruins the emotion of this post now doesn’t it.

Comment by Rob

big pauls big cock? what the fuck!

ive just been violated but it reassures me this blog still has new depths to fucking plunder and if anyone can get it there, its you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes. To all your points.

Comment by Rob

youre a weird fuck campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you could talk to my girlfriend like you talk to/refer to your wife, she’d be far happier. You have a lovely way with words

Comment by Simon Kendrick

you only say that because hes got a face like a dropped fucking pie so you know youre safe leaving her in his company.

Comment by andy@cynic

this is also the rob that i have missed over the last few months.. huzzah! if i wasn’t trying to pretend that i’m doing research into databases, then i’d probably cry. instead it’s: the way you’re able to cross-reference and export across platforms and information rates is brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜€

and 40? well i never! and i’m glad you’re not the religious type in a way – it means that you will just get on and enjoy spending time with your amazing wife. except you’re always on planes, so you should probably keep working on that one a bit.


Comment by lauren

I thought talking about my best friends penis was an emotion killer, but research into databases??? What the hell is going on Lauren!

Thank you for your nice words, but like you said, given I’ll still be spending too much time on planes, it means I’m relying on words and not enough action, ha!

Comment by Rob

research into databases is the love of my life at the moment rob, so perhaps it’s not quite so wacky. although perhaps a little more left-of-field than you talking about your best friend’s dick.

Comment by lauren

Wait till you read the post. Actually that’s not going to do anything other than prove research into databases is way less weird.

Comment by Rob

This is a heartwarming post. Full of love, emotion and raw honesty but I do hope you whisper these words into Jill’s ear rather than just leave them to a post upon your blog.

A warm hug to you both from all of us.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Lets face it Mary … given I’ve never missed a phonecall with my kids because I was pissed [I know I don’t have any, but that’s beside the point] or had a cake of a naked woman’s torso delivered to my house for my 3 daughters to see, I could be a serial killer and still look romantic in comparison to your hubbie. ๐Ÿ™‚

And a huuuuuge hug from us to you and the little ladies. Mr Perv/Alcholic will have to make do with a hug.

Comment by Rob

Opening old wounds. Thanks buddy.

Comment by George

You do the crime, you do the time.

And as far as I am concerned, you got early parole. Ha.

Comment by Rob

You think I don’t know this is to get a better birthday present from the missus? Nice post all the same.

Comment by DH

I hadn’t thought about that – what a genius idea. You are way more manipulative than me Dave … so much to learn, so little time.

Comment by Rob

Shouldn’t we all be praising Jill’s sacrifice?

Comment by John

Deal with it.

Comment by Marcus

With turning 40 or the love I have for my wife?

Comment by Rob

Turning 40 of course.

Comment by Marcus

I’ll remind you of that in less that 365 days then!

Comment by Rob

A vert nice post from a very nice man.
Does Jill like Queen?

Comment by northern

No. Hates them. But that means nothing – she likes Elvis hence:

Comment by Rob

Ah so

Comment by northern

Ah so???

Are you doing bad Japanese impressions now?

Comment by Rob

You losty your hair years ago, turning 40 is nothing (wait ’till you have a kid)

Comment by northern

What’s with your spelling today NP?

Comment by Marcus

Same as always, typing skills can’t keep up with brain, can’t be arsed to check.
My powerpoint decks are handwritten to overcom this…

Comment by northern

Looks perfectly normal to me.

Comment by Rob

I think the World will be happier with me turning 40 than procreating.

Comment by Rob

overcome I mean…

Comment by northern

I love you NP.

Comment by Marcus

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