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The Clock Is A Ticking …
May 28, 2010, 5:53 am
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So at midnight tonight GMT, anyone who is doing the A[P]SOTW assignment should have sent in their submission.

[To email your submission, click here]

At this moment, we have 2 entries – and whilst I am very appreciative of that – I am hoping I get some more by the time I check this tomorrow.

I know it was a painful one – but life, contrary to what Forrest Gump say’s – is not a box of chocolates and if it was, it would be the sort that you discover down the side of the sofa that’s been there for at least 4 months and you only saw it because you were looking for the remote control for the telly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and I can assure you the judges are really looking forward to checking them out, so I just want to say a big thank you to all who had a go … and regardless of the ‘result’, I hope you found some use from doing it as well as get some benefit from the feedback.

Not exactly sure when we will be announcing the result – mainly as I go off on my birthday denial holiday and then move to China – but I would like to try and get things done on the last full week of June because after that, fuck knows when I’ll have blog access, let alone get round to writing my rubbish again.

Have a top one.

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life is a box of chocolates campbell, but with a shitty wallnut centre but thats nothing compared to how life will taste for the adpeeps and wannabe adpeeps who didnt do this assignment just because they couldnt be arsed.

Comment by andy@cynic

You mean you don’t have blog posts pre-written and queued up to last the rest of the year?

Comment by Simon Kendrick

What a lazy shit I am.

Comment by Rob

I had a thought as to why you’re such a swot on the blog posting but I’ll save outing you and tell ya next time we meet.

Incidentally as regards lazy. Is it really Friday? *stretches*

Comment by Charles 'values' Frith

You’ll need to use a VPN in China. It’s standard for getting round the firewall. I think witopia is the one most of my China blogging mates use. Small subscription fee and a little install I think.

Comment by Charles 'values' Frith

Thank you matey, however my kind tech friends at the Chinese Government’s #1 enemy have “sorted me out”.

And I can’t wait to hear why you think I’m a swot, mainly because I’ve never been one of those and it sounds very exciting.

Comment by Rob

And you’ve just outed them and yourself in a public forum. Before your visa has been granted. Genius.

Comment by John

Oh yes, do come along people, you won’t have the chance to get feedback on something interesting and difficult very often, and unfortunately, most of what you’ll be doing as a junior planner is neither, it’s legwork. In fact, most of what you do as senior planner is legwork.

Comment by northern

3 entries now.

12 hours to go.

Comment by Rob

You sound like me a couple of weeks ago!

Comment by Rafik

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted – especially Madison who did hers literally days after giving birth to her son. I don’t know if that represents dedication or mentalness, but we’re all uber-impressed and you will get a ‘prize’ regardless.

What it is, I haven’t the faintest idea yet … but you’ll be getting one. Well, as long as you name your child Robert, ha.

Seriously, thanks to everyone and I’ll get the judging started.

Comment by Rob

It’s tough that whole planner job description hierarchy thing NP.I mean it’s impossible to add just a bit of planning without creating needless extra problems and yet that’s where it’s at in the early days. There are some smart tactical moves that can help but I bet you’d be better at making and providing some good advice along those lines. BTW did you live in West Germany as a lad? Been meaning to ask for years now.

Comment by Charles 'values' Frith

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