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Youth Gone Mild …
May 25, 2010, 5:55 am
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So I’m in Singapore …

On top of being able to catch up with a bunch of mates, I’m also speaking at an Asian youth marketing conference.

Now maybe many of you will disagree, but in many ways, I don’t think there’s that much difference between generations in their feelings/desires/aspirations/fears.

OK, let me rephrase that …

Underneath it all, the feelings/desires/aspirations/fears that each generation [specifically in developed nations] go through, aren’t all that different from the generation before.

Sure technology, education and economics can/have influenced some changes in attitude and approach – but at their heart, the fundamental issues teens face are very similar regardless of generation.

Well put it this way, I hope they are because that’s what I’m basing my preso on.

To be honest it’s a bit of a cheat …

The thing is, as most of the other speakers are media representatives, I’m pretty sure they’ll spend a lot of their allotted time trying to flog their particular channel as the ‘key to youth success’, which is why I felt the best way to stand out was to talk about what’s going on in some of their minds and lives [at least for this week] rather than just their media consumption habits.

What always amazes me is how many media guys don’t acknowledge the value and benefits of their competitors channels. They talk like they – and they alone – are the only ones that matter and whilst it’s fair to say that a lot of their life is now spent online, to claim they don’t interact with other channels is both wrong and stupid.

The other thing I find interesting is that in Asia, the general marketing consensus is – youth brands exempt – that the youth audience is not important.


The general attitude is they don’t have as much disposable income as the status obsessed 20 and 30 something’s, so they’re not as important to focus on because in this part of the World, business is valued on what happens today – not what might happen tomorrow.

Given culturally there are so many things that are done [by individuals, communities and governments] to secure a better future – often with an eye on it positively affecting many, many generations into the future – I find it so interesting that in terms of marketing, the focus is purely on the immediate.

Hell, even the worst cold calling sales organisations appreciates they have to keep the ‘pipeline’ filled … but not here, not in marketing anyway.

As usual I’ve basically rehashed a bunch of old slides [but changed a few words in a desperate bid to make it look ‘new’] … plus there’s no commentary on there to explain the flow and view … but if you’re in the least bit interested, or simply just want to take the piss, enjoy:

PS: I don’t know what happened with slide 4 [& #14 is a bit dodgy too]. Maybe Slideshare has some sort of built in anti-ugly feature, but as you probably guessed, it was a pic of me except it was back when I was a teen and in a band and quite frankly, looked a bit of a cock … but as I know you sick bastards would like to see it, you can view it here.

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w+k could of saved themselves a fuckload of cash and just downloaded the 7 presos youve ever written and used them for the planning bollocks they need rather than allow you within 1000 ft of their offices.

and only you would add in a new slide that features you looking an even bigger twat than you do now. id almost forgotten you had hair and i wish i could put that image out my mind.

sick. fucking sick.

i said you couldnt keep up the standards youd fluked with yesterdays post. i was right.

Comment by andy@cynic

Did anyone watch the final episode of lost? Shit.

JJ Abrahams is like Rob, a one trick pony who tries to cover it up by casting different people and giving his shows a different title. But even he isn’t so twisted/stupid to have a scene where his is standing with his mates with their socks down their jeans on a wall with his moth eaten jeans, quiff hairdo and guitar as if its the most perfectly normal fucking thing to do in the World.

That is proof Rob was a crack addict once.

Sorry if this is off tangent Rob but you did it when you put that picture up. I’m sure the rest of the post is interesting and plannerish but my brain is unable to process anything other than trying to get that image out of it’s memory.

Comment by Billy Whizz

No it’s proof that he comes from Nottingham.

Comment by John

interesting you noticed the socks on their cocks billy. coming out are we?

at least your jj comment was good. better than this post and better than the final fucking ahow.

Comment by andy@cynic

“I don’t think there’s that much difference between generations in their feelings/desires/aspirations/fears.”

I immediately wondered if you can take that further and say that it transcends generations – perhaps, as we go through life not as many of those feelings/desires/aspirations/fears as we think actually change. New situations arrive, so the balance changes in particular circumstances but do our original culturally defined beliefs really change that much over time?

Well actually I immediately realised that Andy’s prediction had been correct, but then it was a racing certainty and tried to look for something better to say. I failed, but look at the material I had to work with.

Comment by John

it looks like you read campbells post. what the fuck do you think youre doing dodds.

then you try to take his rambling and give it weight by adding your own semi coherent intellectual bollocks. thank fuck you came good in the end or id of been calling the ambulance with the no arm jackets.

dont scare me like that again dodds.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve just got one eye on his future expense account.

Comment by John

just hang around with him when hes feeling depressed, he becomes the most generous fucking man alive. i know, i lived decadently off his pain for fucking years.

Comment by andy@cynic

Comfort spending? Fantastic. Let’s hope Forest get to the play-offs again and China bans cock-rock.

Comment by John

i like your parasite style dodds.

Comment by andy@cynic

I won’t comment on the “picture”, I’ll leave that to the others.

I like the presentation Rob, I would love to hear you deliver it because there are some points I’m unsure as to what you mean but I’m sure it will make sense “live” as you’ve had so many years to practice what you want each slide to mean. 😉

The Asian business attitude towards youth shocked me when I first moved there. It was like the first time I saw a mall full of shops selling the same thing. It didn’t make any sense from my Western perspective which was a great induction into realizing certain things are very different there and without understanding them, you have no chance to succeed.

You’re better at that understanding than anyone I know so I’m interested to hear how your presentation goes, especially the penultimate slide.

And the “Lot of shit talked about youth marketing” slide is a great way to piss off your fellow speakers which I am sure was the intention. You’ve still got it.

Comment by Pete

look at the planners being so lovely together.

“let me compliment you first.”
“no, let me compliment you first.”
“youre so amazing.”
“no youre so amazing.”

get the fuck over it.

if it wasnt for pete saying he doesnt agree with it all and campbell writing a headline to piss off the other speakers id be calling the same people i almost called for dodds.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe I shouldn’t say that I don’t disagree with what Rob’s saying, I just need clarification to make sure I properly understand what Rob’s saying.

Comment by Pete

no you shouldnt pete. not if you know whats fucking good for you.

Comment by andy@cynic

You couldn’t miss those socks Andy.
You couldn’t, could you?

Comment by Billy Whizz

has tom cruise called you yet?

Comment by andy@cynic

There’s no signal from the closet.

Comment by Billy Whizz

good one. just not good enough to sway my attention from remembering you noticed some mens cocks from a photo taken before time fucking began.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is it safe for me to comment?

Billy admits he’s gay.
JJ Abrahams doesn’t have range.
Lost’s final wasn’t very good.
John Dodds almost agreeing with me.
Pete talking about East/West differences.

Billy admits he’s gay.
JJ Abrahams doesn’t have range.
Lost’s final wasn’t very good.
John Dodds almost agreeing with me.
Pete talking about East/West differences.

Quite a range there … more tangents than is normal and it’s still very early in the day.

I did say the preso used pretty much old slides but even that wasn’t enough to slag me off … however now I know JJ Abrahams can become hideously rich by following the same approach, I’ll be carrying on rather than changing.

Pete, if you see this and want to chat through the stuff you’re unsure of/need clarification from, just call – I’m heading to the conference soon.

[Let’s talk it through on the phone, something tells me certain people on here won’t appreciate it, ha]

PS: Congratulation Billy. I always knew you liked Ricky Martin for a reason.

Comment by Rob

I am not gay and I don’t like Ricky Martin. Stop projecting.

Comment by Billy Whizz

the ricky martin slur is taking things a bit too fucking far campbell. watch it. billy is still our friend.

yes campbell, you did admit to rehashing old slides. but thats not because youre so laid back, its because you know youd be smashed if you tried to claim it was all a new pres. ill leave you and pete to your little fucking lovefest so do me proud today campbell. i wont be happy unless theres at least 3 speakers who vow to never talk to you again.

Comment by andy@cynic

He even rehashes paragraphs within the same comment.

Comment by John

I’m glad that they managed to find two women to present at this conference. But are Irene and Serene twins? Was it a buy one get one free deal?

Comment by Heather

The greatest difference with this presentation is you actually swear in it whereas you normally leave that exclusively to your voice.

Enjoyable read.

Comment by Lee Hill

I saw your presentation today and you blew me away. It was so pleasing to hear someone talk about the issues we can’t say in public and the fact you are a foreigner made it more interesting. You were definitely the best speaker today and I will follow this blog to discover when you talk in Singapore again. Thank you Robert.

Comment by Jonathan Chew

Hi Jonathan, thank you for the kind words and please ignore my “friends”, they take delight in being pricks.

I’m at the conference again today so if you’re there, please come and say hi.

Comment by Rob

you must be talking about a different rob campbell. let me rephrase that. please tell me youre talking about a different fucking rob campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

No url – clearly written by campbell himself.

Comment by John

You have groupies. Just your luck they’re male. Maybe you could give them to Mr Whizz.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

is that a threat or an offer? never quite sure with you these days billy boy.

Comment by andy@cynic

righty-o i just gotta throw my two cents in here…

“The Asian business attitude towards youth shocked me when I first moved there. It was like the first time I saw a mall full of shops selling the same thing. It didn’t make any sense from my Western perspective which was a great induction into realizing certain things are very different there and without understanding them, you have no chance to succeed.”

absolutely – asian culture or mentality is that in their eyes children are an object, possession – something that is owned by someone and has no identity – if you look at HK laws its a little shocking to find only about 3 pieces of legislation that exists in respect of minors and its guardianship, legal consent and employment of minors – theres nothing that exists that gives children/youths and in the case of teenagers – up until the age of 18 the mentality is – parents own you, government owns parents etc etc – its not skid row youth gone wild – its metallica master of puppets

what is youth marketing really? i mean im finding myself having to use these words simply because its become the market accepted key buzzword – like how if you want someone to know you are a good person you say I DO A LOT OF CHARITY – only in my mind anyone who says that now equates to – ok im going to stop here 🙂 i could really go off on one :}

but again always so amazed and happy to see your work, expressions and communications!

Comment by sky tao

Great two cents – let’s have more.

Comment by John

are you telling me campbell was right in his rehashed presentation sky? this is not good, this is not fucking good at all.

Comment by andy@cynic

i get the ‘possession’ thing. i own campbell the only thing is i want to give the fucker away. any takers? thought not. shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Just leave me on the side of the road Andy … it’ll be fine, honest.

Great comment Sky, sadly I’ve heard the same thing from many students in my time in Asia … where ‘love’ is defined by pushing them into things that will make the parents look good at the expense of personal satisfaction.

Not all of course, but more than just a casual few.

Comment by Rob

ugh i typed out this whole couple of paragraphs and it got wiped out – but when i taught local chinese english (yes i know i should put a capital but pfht) what i noticed is they found it really difficult to be descriptive about emotions. so how are you was always met with a cold “ïm fine” – which in chinese i understand why – its just one word to describe a feeling.

and to really make the listener understand just how much of that feeling you are feeling – you shove a VERY in front. whereas western – well lets just use english as the example – you figure we have over a dozen words that mean “fine”

old chinese folk consider westerners to talk too much – spend too much time on fancy vocabulary when direct short words encapsulate intention, meaning and purpose. kids grow up with the mindset that if they had a problem and they spoke to someone outside of the immediate family its considered as betraying the family. or turning against your own family.

whats happening now is kids in asia dont care anymore about deep cultural set values on family – so theyre acting out – and its not their fault for not caring – its simply a matter of changing with the times – youths look at their surroundings and they think – any cultural value thats meant to be passed on is clearly doing no good so they divert – ill bang on about this till im blue in the face but youth marketing is bloody simple = just start a conversation. youre done.

not hey buy this product. we think this is good for you. its more “hey you know what? i tried this product the other day and i really like it, have you tried it?” chances are they say no and theyre curious and thats it sold.

oh and of course it depends who is starting the conversation cos im sorry if youre old/minging/decrepid/unfortunate faced – forget it – its not appealing – dont matter how many letters is trailing behind your name on your business card – kids across the world are looking for an example to follow. much like us as adults we do the same.

i still very much want to be a female larry flynt! just… minus the wheelchair and the gargle talk and gunshot wounds

Comment by sky tao

If your presentations follow Porsche desıgn theory, then that pıc of you ıs your Cayenne.

Greetings from sunny Turkey!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i hope youre in turkey for work because it would be too fucking tragic if you were writing comments while youre on fucking holiday.

Comment by andy@cynic

I had 30 mins of internet use I’d paid for and nothing to browse… still sad I know.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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