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It’s A Holiday Here Today …
May 21, 2010, 6:00 am
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… so while everyone else in HK will be spending it lying in bed, watching telly and/or eating themselves stupid … I’ll be spent packing fucking boxes that the Chinese Government probably won’t let in on grounds of moral corruption.

And that’s just my collection of VIZ comics, what the hell are they going to say about my Arnie DVD’s?

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karma is a bitch with a sick sense of humour.

answer this for me campbell. if you have a fridge full of confectionary that you want to take to commie hq with you, would this mean youre a fudge packer?

happy fucking packing.

Comment by andy@cynic

Definition of hope: packing your bags to China and thinking you’ll be let in.

Comment by Billy Whizz

youre an snidey fucking worm billy. i taught you fucking amazingly.

hows the packing going rob? are you telling the dvds that arent coming you still love them? you fucking are arent you. sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

This one’s all sentimental padding.

Comment by John Dodds

my collection is a mix of everyday over the counter medicine…

to all u young minds, that is true planner skill; cost efficient, yet potent.

Like George says: take the ordinary and make it interesting..

Comment by niko

You’re all bastards but I still love you.

Well love is a strong word, maybe like is better.

Hmmmn, even that is a bit overly positive.

Put up with. Yes, that’s much better … you’re all bastards but I put up with you.

Comment by Rob

I’ll be amazed if they let in camo Birkie’s, surely the footwear of insurgents?

Comment by northern

Or the Daily Llama

Comment by Rob Mortimer

In that case I’m doomed … I even bought camo converse for the winter months.

Yes, I have bought shoes. Haven’t worn them yet .. oh no, I have my principles.

Comment by Rob

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