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If They Could Fly Around The World In Eighty Days, You Should Be Able To Do Your A[P]SOTW Assignment In Only Seven …
May 19, 2010, 5:50 am
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So I’ve had a few requests asking for a bit more time.

Given this means some people seem to be actually doing the assignment [which is a huge relief as I worried that might not happen] I will extend the submission date by a week … May 28th Midnight GMT.

After this, there will be no more extensions – mainly because I go away from the 4th June and then move to Shanghai so if I don’t get judging started in the week between submission date and my 40th birthday depravity, then who knows when it’ll happen and even then I’m still relying on my fellow judges to be available which may not be the case.

Regardless, you have another week so please get them done and have fun.

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how come youre mr fucking accomodating to a bunch of fucking strangers but youre mr fucking strict to your colleagues and team?

youre one fucked up individual.

not long till your lifes officially over is it?

no blog access.

your pain is our pant pissing amusement.

Comment by andy@cynic

youre going to keep doing the blog arent you? youll have a way. i need to hear how wk react when you review creative with the words “thats good but it’s just a tvc. what we should do is make a nike bike and then do an ad about that?”

itll fucking happen. 10000000%

to anyone at wk reading this, call me when he starts going on one of his “make it” rants and ill tell you how to deal with the fucker but be prepared to get in the bike building business because the only child bastard doesnt take no for an answer and hell make the clients wet their panties in excitement.

hes your problem now.

Comment by andy@cynic

It is very rare I agree wholeheartedly with my colleague but in this instance, I do. To the letter.

Sorry Robert.

Comment by George

eat shit campbell, even auntie co planner agrees with me and that includes the fucking swearing.

well done george, youre finally seeing me for the fucking visionary i am. what took you so fucking long.

Comment by andy@cynic

You might be overstating the significance of my comment Andy, but if it makes you happy….

Comment by George

I can’t wait to see the results of this assignment but Andy and George are right, you’re accomodating them much more than you ever are to us. I feel ripped off. 🙂

Comment by Pete

How nice to wake up to character assassination again, always helps me start the day on a positive note.

There’s 3 key reasons why I am being flexible with the A(P)SOTW guys compared to how I am with you:

1/ I like them.
2/ They all have other commitments to work around.
3/ They’re not overpaid colleagues.

Hope that clears up any confusion.

Comment by Rob

that would be fighting talk campbell if i didnt know you were half iti so youll claim to have been on our side all along as soon as you realise this is a fight you cant possibly win.

youre still a twat though.

george. as you should know it only takes fucking one sheep to be known as a sheep fucker so it only takes one “full agreement” comment to prove i am your visionary guru. deal with it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m team Andy.

Love the “as you should know” comment to George. Hysterical.

Comment by Pete

Sometimes I feel I am a father to 5 children, not 3.

Comment by George

fucking excellent.

so where the fuck are my christmas/birthday presents for the last 44 years tight bastard dad?

and come and change my nappy. its full of planner shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for taking the heat off me George.

Comment by Rob

im a equal opportunity planner abuser campbell. but dont fret, theres a special place in the pits of my cold, dying heart just for slagging you.

too fucking right you should feel honoured.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re right Andy, I feel so lucky.

Comment by Rob

If there were ever a assignment that made a person lay on the floor and crawl into the fetal position this would be it. when will the nighmare end! an extension? We were getting down to crunch time, when work actually gets done 🙂

Comment by Jacob

That doesn’t mean you have to take another week to finish it you know Jacob. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I hear a collective, if temporary, sigh of relief.

Comment by Lee Hill

Very temporary. Ha.

In all seriousness, I hope people are/have enjoyed doing it … Jacob’s comment makes me nervous, but then if it is was too easy, it wouldn’t be so valuable. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Comment by Rob

But this also makes judging harder. Do we get an extra week then?

Comment by northern

Has Volume 1 turned up?

Comment by Marcus

Don’t know lovely – flying home today so will find out later. Hope so, can’t wait to read it. Will let you know soon-to-be birthday boy.

Comment by Rob

Mine has

Comment by northern

still working on your fancy fucking planner comeback campbell?

dont fret, im here all fucking week.

Comment by andy@cynic

….and I’m now reading it.

Liking the idea of Rob making a comeback. Will it be like Take That (even more successful than last time but now more mature enough to enjoy it), Bjorn Borg (sad failure that made you wince in sympathy), or All Saints (no one even noticed)?
And anyway, why is is it a comeback, hasn’t he been a planner all along?

Comment by northern

i dont know what the fuck youre going on about northern but there is one giant fatal flaw in your comment.

regardless of their comeback success, take prat, cyborg and all shit were all famous once. campbell isnt. well not in things that have any value. if youre looking for queen fan twat of the century, hes got it in the bag.

Comment by andy@cynic

..and why am commenting at this time? Is this the blogging equivalent of talking to myself?

Comment by northern


If I put my ear to the laptop I can actually hear the echoes…………….

Comment by northern

lie down.
call the doctor.
realise planning has made you a northern fucking monkey.

Comment by andy@cynic

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