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Happy Birthday To This Blog …
May 3, 2010, 6:00 am
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So today this pile of rant is 4 years old.

In that time I’ve written over 1500 posts [even though 1489 are about the same thing], had well over 26,000 comments [of which approx 13,000 insult me and 13,000 take any given post on a tangent that even a protractor couldn’t measure], met some friends, made some enemies and wasted a whole heap of time.

Because of some things I still have to officially ‘announce’ [which sounds far grander than it actually is] I don’t know if this blog will see a 5th birthday … but regardless, I want to say to everyone who has ever made a comment – or even thought about making one [and I include the people who just slag me off or take the piss // read: everyone] thank you for the time and consideration, I don’t know if I’d of been so gracious and I certainly doubt I’d of thought I was worth it.

Anyway to celebrate four years of whatever it is I’ve done, I’m not going to write a post … consider it my gift to you … though sadly, normal service will resume tomorrow.

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You look much better in dark photos.

Comment by Billy Whizz

the only useful thing about this fucking post is youve proved time doesnt only fly when youre having fun.

and enough of this talk about ending the blog. you couldnt fucking do it, its the only friend you have.

Comment by andy@cynic

and you look like a tramp. have a shave for fucks sake.

Comment by andy@cynic

Shit! Those first three comments, that’s exactly what I was going to say.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

Hello Ciaran…

I’m impressed your first comment on here would be a [sadly-for-me, fair] insult. You were made for this blog – what took you so long to come on by?

Comment by Rob

Happy Birthday TMOAOS(HMG)!

Whilst we’re talking about your blog… the little sub head (Help Me Grow!)… do you think in 4 years that this blog has indeed helped or hindred your growth? I think I know what answer you’re going to give (as well as Andy’s) but for the very least raising the question forces you to think about it 😉

Comment by Age

I basically started this blog as a place where I could spend a few minutes a day ‘thinking’ rather than balancing all the bollocks that goes on with working life.

I know that might sound mental given the content of most of my posts … but it’s true … and the thing I find especially interesting when I look back over these 4 years is 2 things have happened:

1/ I’ve realised how my opinions on certain topics have changed from when I originally wrote about them.

2/ The people on this blog, in many cases, have helped instigate that evolution/change of thought – so in essence I can say that “yes, I have been helped me grow” which given my current level of maturity means I must of been lower-than-low when I first started this thing.

Comment by Rob

Congratulations – 4 years is a proper stint. One question – when you took that photo were you crouched down in the corner of a grocery store by the milk fridge?

Comment by Grumblemouse

I’m small.

Comment by Rob

But not as small as Tom Cruise.

Comment by Rob

What is the correct course of action Robert, to congratulate or to commiserate?

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by John Dodds

I’ve thought about this for a good 20 minutes and I really don’t know what the right answer is.

Let’s go with “commiserate” to be on the safe side.

Comment by Rob

A squillion comments that no amount of love can conceal the raging jealousy. I’ve pimped, cadged, lied, faked and easily most my most vulgar grab for a slice of the action, actually told the truth. Any slutty solicitation awards kicking around for the loyalists that would really prefer not to admit any connection?

Yet another dark and moody James Dean pose I notice. Even the bleedin’ camera loves your drama. Bastard 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

If it makes you feel better Charles, you win the ‘start an argument in an empty room’ prize? 🙂

And let’s be honest, cameras will never love me and the only reason it would make me look moody is because it hates me, not because I was attempting it. Ha.

Comment by Rob

well done.

Comment by Marcus

God forbid I have to work for a living or it’ll all be over.

Comment by Rob

happy birthday! four years of continuous posting is quite a long time for a blog. thats commitment i guess. congrats!

Comment by peggy

Easing your way back in eh Peggy? 🙂

Comment by Rob

my brain might break down trying to figure that one out… sanity is thinking about being nuts and then deciding against such an inconvenient state of mind 🙂

Comment by peggy


Comment by Chris

Thank you everyone, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that writing a load of rubbish for 4 years isn’t the sort of ‘accolade’ my parents had in mind for me when I was a mere slip of a lad.

But by the same token, it is my greatest achievement.

Comment by Rob

id call it a load of thought provoking impulses. thats rather great! 😛

Comment by peggy

4 years?… It seems like I’ve missed a lot of opinionated musings. And it reads like ages in “online time”. Anyways, thanks and congratulations!

Comment by Thomas Wagner

Hello Thomas – nice to have you pop by. Trust me, if you’ve read one post, you’ve read 4 years worth and I’m betting even that has left you feeling underwhelmed.

Apologies. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday. In dog years, you’re entering the last stage of your life before responsibility sets in

Comment by Simon Kendrick

it would be better if you hadnt put “before responsibility sets in”.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob Mortimer

er. so. it seems i’m late on the uptake here….

happy birthday rob – i hope you get a voucher for a free video and an extra scoop of ice cream on any short stack of pancakes at the pancake parlour.

i’d have to say that age conte and your blog are equally responsible for some of the most insane and longlasting friendships i have these days.

when i eventually meet you in person, i think i’m going to have to punch you for that.


Comment by lauren

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