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If Adland Is So Creative …
April 26, 2010, 6:40 am
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… why do they always use this song as the music bed for their [1] montage style ads and/or [2] their effectiveness award submissions.

Seriously guys, change the record. Literally.

And remember, if you’re interested in an interesting ad award, check out last weeks post.

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to answer your question campbell, because of planners.

effectiveness submissions are the worst fucking culprits because planners are so fucking busy pretending to be clever or rocknfuckingroll they dont realise the world has moved forward very fucking well without them and so they still think that track is cutting edge heart pumping drama. twats.

and if a creative guy has been forced to put the entry clip together, theyve used that track (or campbell lookalike sad fuck moby) because they know the planner will think its really cool and exciting and not realise every other planning fuck will have done the same thing and proved how fucking sad and predictable they are.

creatives are sick, devious and genius little fucks.

and liking queen is worse so dont think you’ve achieved fucking excemption from the music shame of planner bullshit.

so campbell, how does it feel to officially have no fucking responsibility? probably no different given you never fucking acted like you did on the first place. see? planners are to blame for everyfuckingthing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have a horrible feeling you might just be right Andy.

And because you were so kind to answer my question, I’ll answer yours: ask me on May 15, ha.

Comment by Rob

Guilty as charged. But it was a long, long time ago and I’m now a reformed character.

Comment by Pete

Should be called fluff boy slim for the amount of cocks he must of sucked to get it used so much.

Comment by Billy Whizz

How long have you been waiting to use that comment Billy! Go on, admit it – it’s been waiting in the wings for bloody ages hasn’t it.

Comment by Rob

Here fucking here
If I hear ‘right here, right now’ on another one of those ‘my-isn’t-the-world-a-crazy-digital-experience-and-you-in-trad-media-don’t-know-what’s-about-to-hit-you’ montages I will choke. Mainly because the track is 12 fucking years old and the ‘future is NOW!’ vibe they are no doubt going for us laughable. is it because those big beat days down in Brighton still feel so fresh and new?
Bet they also like to say ‘GenY’, ‘millenials’ or Digital Natives a lot too.

Comment by Kelly

I don’t know who you are Kelly, but with that attitude you aren’t just welcome back – you have a permenant place of residence.

Comment by Rob

People who call people digital natives are not people, they’re sub human.

So what do we call people who use pointer sisters songs to show how wild, crazy and enthusiastic they are? I have an idea but Rob doesn’t allow that word to be used on here.

Comment by DH

it does have a good beat though.

Comment by Marcus

Were you wearing a pair of Farah slacks and tapping your foot slightly out of beat when you wrote that.

Comment by Rob

Yes. Good morning.

Comment by Marcus

You realise you’re turning into Sacrum more and more each day!

Comment by Rob

coincidence alert. i was looking for an mp3 to download. just now! stumbled over the “all music guide to electronica” on amazon and had a quick look in it. and there i saw an andy boucher in the index. who had been doin beats with norman cook… before anyone would ask, maybe… im busy, trying to avoid any distractions – which obviously doesnt work. hope all is well with you lot.

Comment by peggy

where the fuck have you been peggy? weve been worried fucking sick well i was until you claimed i had something to do with the less talented half of zoe fucking balls family. and it doesnt matter youre just quoting amazon, you should know id rather pour fucking acid in my eyes. or should i say aciiiiiiid.

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry youve been worried because of me. coz thats what im supposed to do, actually. anyway… youd rather pour aci(iiiii)d in your eyes… that makes me laugh. for all the wrong reasons, possibly 😀

Comment by peggy

laughing for all the wrong fucking reasons is the best fucking reason.

how fucking deep is that? eat shit yoda.

Comment by andy@cynic

thats deep.

it seems yoda had a collaboration with drexciya going tho lol

Comment by peggy

Andy you’re married – stop flirting with Peggy.

Peggy, you don’t want to be married [at least not too Andy] so stop being so nice.

The things I do to keep a peaceful planet …

PS: It’s lovely to have you back Peggy!

Comment by Rob

what peaceful planet are you talking about? it sure as isnt the one im most of the time on. and thats got nothing to do with your help. at least as far as im informed. now stop being nice and saying lovely things to me. or ill tell jill you are flirting with me. hahaha. just trying to be a bitch. im not as good as you tho… oh my god, did i just say that… im advancing i guess lol. now please forgive me my rude humour, im very tired and rushing… lovely to be back 🙂

Comment by peggy

Jesus, if saying “hello” to someone is classified as flirting, then I’m more prolific than Tiger Woods in the womanising stakes … however as I am not a fit, billionaire global icon, saying “hello” is as far as I ever get, hahahaha!

Lovely to have you back Peggy!

Comment by Rob

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