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Alone In The Wilderness. #5
March 12, 2010, 6:43 am
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If you don’t what this post is about, go here … if you do, here’s today’s view:

Planners create fate, not ads.

Remember, add your own – but stick to the underlying message of each ‘value’ – or you’re off brief and slapped on the wrist!

Thank you to everyone [or anyone] who took part in this.

Of course the 5 statements I’ve written over this week don’t scratch the surface of the things planners should know/do … but this is a starting point and as things progress, I may/will call upon you to add some nuggets on matters such as commercial appreciation, collaberation, breadth and depth of opinion and remembering that sometimes what people say is the next big thing is an old thing with a fancy-pants new name.

In the meantime, I come back from China tomorrow so will have a look at what you’ve come up with and then blatantly rip it off and pass it off as my own.

In all seriousness, thanks so much for this … I’ll see where we’re at and what Baz says and try and give you all an update as/when it happens.


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Comment by Angus

Free iPads for everyone who helped, Baz?
Don’t be mad if I prolly sell it tho 😉

Comment by Age

welcome to my fucking world angus.

and age, what the fuck can you buy for the 12 aussie dollars youll get for the iheavydayspad?

Comment by andy@cynic

Did I not suggest something very similar to that statement Robert?

Do I invoice you or Mr Jobs directly?

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by DH

i think you said it all in any possible way, with five words rob. anyway…

good planners take on responsibility for their influence on businesses and societies.

Comment by peggy

no amount of planning can thwart fate, and therein lies absolute freedom.

Comment by lauren

seems lauren has become a fucking brand manager or accountant at p&g.

shes fucking right though as fucking usual. fucking planner wank but then lee claims he said it which says something george would fucking kill me or saying.

good man dave.

fair point northern but we all know campbell cant keep his fucking gob closed for more than 2 minutes so he has to be in commieland even if id of thought the fuckers would have kicked him out by now.

Comment by andy@cynic

I Rob really in China, or is he at home, evilly cackling at exposing how self obsessed planners are

Comment by northern

Planners sometimes forget that it’s only advertising.

Comment by John

Thanks to everyone for their corporate-toady, Apple-job-application comments … ha!

Seriously appreciate it, will have a good look and let you know where we take it. And Doddsy, your last comment is definitely going in – you might think it was sarcastic, but it’s bang on as I was telling some guys last week, even if they did look at me like I was a satan personified.

Comment by Rob

I am never sarcastic.

Comment by John

What a talent!

Comment by Rob

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