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January 20, 2010, 6:25 am
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So dear ol’ Tiger Woods life is in the rough at the moment.

Look the guy is an idiot and I would never condone what he’s done – but I must admit I find the response from the media, public and corporate sponsors almost as baffling.

The reality is good men sometimes do bad things … and you know what, good women sometimes do bad things as well … and whilst I admit he was rather prolific in his extra-marital activities, he’s not killed anyone, he experienced unprecedented levels of female attention [that’s not an excuse – and he should have ensured he was never in environments/positions that allowed anything to happen – it’s just a situation he found himself in] and he comes from a society that already has a 50% divorce rate.

Now this might sound weird, but I have a feeling his actions were less motivated by sex than escape.

OK … OK … sex probably had something to do with it, especially given all the women were of a certain ‘type’ [which is the bit that disappointed me the most because I thought he had more taste than that] … however because this guy has had almost every aspect of his life closely controlled and planned from a young age, I can’t help but feel the element of ‘danger, recklessness and selfishness’ made it almost as attractive and addictive as the act itself.

Maybe I should ask Freud.

The other thing that pisses me off is the reaction of some of the brands that have supported him.

I would love to know how many board members of the brands that have spent shitloads of cash on hum have had affairs or been divorced.

Yes I know they are not being paid huge sums to publically represent ‘honesty, integrity and performance’, but if they got caught shagging behind their partners back … or fiddling expenses … or selling products and services that people can’t afford/want … I bet they wouldn’t be dropped by their company in the time it takes to pull their trousers up.

And that’s another thing, men and women who have had affairs might be stupid, irresponsible twats but they’re not monsters.

There’s this attitude in society that if you’ve cheated you’re sub-human, but I know some people who are horrible blights on society and their marriage is great.

Good on NIKE for sticking with their guy.

Of course given NIKE have always been a brand that has embraced flawed/maverick geniuses, Tiger’s indiscretions makes him even more appropriate than ever before … but it would have been so easy for them to have dropped him and yet they didn’t and they can only prosper when he comes back and has a point to prove.

I know this sounds like I’m letting Tiger – and people who cheat – off the hook, however whilst I think they are total twats who [in many cases] needlessly let people who love them down … I don’t feel the vilification they receive, especially Tiger, is entirely justified.

But that isn’t the point of this post … oh no, that’s just Campbell ranting … it’s that in every crisis, there’s opportunity and personally I am quite disappointed that Tag Heuer didn’t seize the initiative and use Mr Woods high exposure to feather their own nest.

Pepsi would have. 🙂


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Ha, that Tag ad is fantastic. Spot on.

Maybe you’ve touched on something deeper here Rob. Those marketing managers (or whoever) who are in charge of these brands letting go of Tiger, are showing just how much of a gap they’re putting between their own life experience and the brand they’re managing – which in my opinion is the entirely wrong way to go about creating a rich consumer lead product/service that relates to REAL LIFE!
The greater the gap, the more out-of-touch.

Comment by Age

oh, and FIRST!

Comment by Age

Actually Nike just chose to launch golf clubs and not use him so the love they have is, condtitional….

his choice of women is indeed biased. Which for an clabanisian or what ever THE fuck hè Calls himself is pretty fucking racist. In this day and
age, makes you wonder what MLK would make of the insanity..

I am with you on this one Rob.

Ps Jonathan Ive and the Lohans?

Comment by Niko

cant fucking wait to see jills reaction when she reads her husband defending infidelity. if she needs the number of a lawyer who will leave your economic and emotional life in shreds tell her to call me because i know two fuckers who i could suggest because they did a fucking great soul destroying job on me and i was mr fucking innocent. im not fucking bitter, i love paying 2 ex wives to live in a style they dont deserve after fucking me better than they ever fucked me.

it might be art directed by powerpoint and written by a 5 year old but that tiger tag ad made me laugh. well done campbell, at least some good has come from tigers fall from fucking grace. maybe he could be the face of lynx/axe? perfect face for them and he can make some money because his sponsors and wife will be cleaning him out like a fucking laxative.

“lynx/axe: makes women act like youre rich and famous”

rest of the post is quite interesting. wrong but quite interesting but i could be saying that because if wife #3 reads im backing your thoughts on tiger she might get the wrong idea and i just need some fucking peace after a week with the other woman in my life, auntie fucking george and i sure as shit am not going to get in trouble for that slightly filling out the girls fucking blouse. lol.

@age. youre having a bullshit year so you can have the ‘first’ accolade without any crap from me but dont fucking do it again or ill make it that working at mcboring feela like mother in comparison.

Comment by andy@cynic

Taken Andy… for the record… “after fucking me better than they ever fucked me” is absolute gold.

Comment by Age

I really wanted to comment on your thoughts about what may have contributed to Tiger’s prolific acts of infidelity as well as the potential of hypocracy that some of his sponsors decisions are raising but I just can’t get past that spoof ad and laugh.

For the record I would like to point out that when Sarah saw what was amusing me she somehow managed to turn this into an argument about mens entitlement beliefs so Tiger has upset my marriage as well as his own. Way to go Tiger, I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

At risk of further female anger, I found this post really interesting but at the end of the day Tiger was an idiot.

Comment by Pete

I just think I should clarify I THINK TIGER WOODS WAS A TOTAL COCK … and for all you cynical bastards out there, I don’t mean “because he was caught.”

Without justifying his actions, I just think that when you take away the sensationalism and the gut-reaction reactions, there could be many reasons that led to his choices – reasons that are more common than just for billionaire golfers which the media happily ignore despite the fact there are probably many in those organisations who have done – or do – the same thing.

As I said, good men and women sometimes do stupid things … though I do admit that good men and women rarely do 12 stupid things. 🙂

PS: Love the ‘Axe’ idea Andy. Evil, but excellent … and Niko, I don’t think you’ll be getting any freebies from Apple after that comparisson. But it is kinda uncanny, ha!

Comment by Rob

I agree that if it was just an issue of infidelity, the bands over-reacted. But, it’s really an issue of image. Brand tiger was clean cut, but now the real tiger is more tainted, the brand has changed. Moreover, after he decided to quite the tour to concentrate on his marriage/personal issues, there’s the ROI question. Tiger hasn’t played much in the last year already, another off the tour and that’s lots of cash for not much visibility.

But, the big issue really isn’t all that. Tiger was successful because he wasn’t really “black.” Hate to say this, but now, because of his behaviour, he will be in the minds of his US sponsors, a “black” man. That might not change his potential to make money, but it will change the brands and companies that want his endorsement.

Comment by fernando

I know what you’re saying Fernando and I agree with much of it.

A sports journalist friend of mine recently told me that Tiger’s “exploits” were widely known way before it all came out – however there was seemingly an informal media blanket ban because his presence generated so much direct and indirect revenue.

What this means is that somewhere along the way he must have right-royally pissed someone off for it all to come out … and then of course, once that happened, the tabloid hacks decided to jump on the bandwagon and get their pound of flesh and ad revenue.

I think the bit that annoys me the most is your comment about Tiger’s skin colour. It annoys me because I think you might be right which means to be accepted in many white corporate cultures requires people of other ethnicities to not only be superiorly talented and successful, but to also live/act/pretend they’re white – which is pretty prejudiced when you come to think about it, especially from companies who like to claim they are humanitarian in their attitudes and approach.

I guess this isn’t really a surprise to me, and Tiger was well paid for his association, but it makes the whole situation pretty sordid and cheap from all sides.

Comment by Rob

i have quite a few friends who are musicians – on the road a lot, away from their partners and any kind of stable home, crazy vampiric lifestyles, lots of booze, drugs, etc and egos like the goodyear blimp. and ultimately brilliant and lovely boys.

and all of them – yes, ALL of them – have cheated on their partners whilst on tour. and all of them – yes ALL of them – chose to fuck vanilla groupies. and the reason is because they don’t have to get emotionally attached. the vanilla groupie (which is ultimately what tiger’s ladies were, right), is easily digestible, easily forgettable and gets the job done. and as much as it makes me vomit to see my friends acting this way, that’s the reality of their situation. it’s hardly 2.3-kids-white-picket-fence-and-an-SUV stuff.

the difference between tiger woods and rockstars is just that tiger woods has appalling taste in clothes and is on show during the day. i find it hilarious that he is being vilified, but we all kiss the ground that [insert rock god here] walks on. despite the same behaviour.

whilst it doesn’t surprise me that NIKE have stuck with tiger (principles? nike? you’re kidding…), rob, i think you need to send some of those peeps your ‘what brands can learn from bands presentation’…

Comment by lauren

So you’re saying Tag is for the cheater? Nice positioning. Well it’s nice for every other watch manufacturer anyway. LOL.

Congratulations on the bike. From F1 racing cars to Hummer style mopeds, you’re a regular Pininfarina aren’t you. I know it’s not the “proper” version of your work and ideas but at least they’re finally getting it out which is more than you’ve had for the last few years. Just like Billy. LOL.

Comment by Bazza

Can you be careful Baz – you’re sounding awfully like a rational client there. It was a J-O-K-E … remember those? There were quite a few around before you sold your soul for the 5 million pieces of gold you currently receive. Ha.

Thanks Lauren for your comment – very interesting.

To be honest, I see a huge amount of that kind of behaviour in Asia – except they’re suit-wearing businessmen on one of their copious jaunts in a 5 star hotel … and where you may think ‘groupies’ for a band are in high supply, you should see the prostitution levels around Asia – even though the reason behind engaging in such an intimate act are about as far removed as you can get.

I once had a person tell me he had a 50km rule, which basically translated to if he was 50km from his wife, it didn’t count as cheating.


Out of interest Lauren – can I ask whether your opinion about your friends changed after you learnt about their behaviour?

I know what you’re saying about why they did it, but the fact is they still had a choice not to and emotional connection or not, their decision still reflects they think their needs are of more importance than their partners emotions.

I know I’m getting all Oprah here – and as I said, I also know good people can do bad things – but if it is an on-going basis, does that change how you view your friends in any way?

I’d also love to know why some people who are serial cheats can be classed as ‘lovable rogues’ whereas others are just ‘human scum’. What are the factors that decide whether you’re naughty but nice, or just plain naughty?

Sorry I’ve gone on here – I just find the whole thing very interesting.

Comment by Rob

Very busy today but wanted to convey how much I approve of your poster and moped. Both live up to the high standard I expect and demand from you.

I hope your planning skills can identify what I am getting at with my previous sentence.

Comment by Lee Hill

to answer your question, rob – of course it did! what do you think i am? heartless?

it also made me really pity all those girls who live their entire vacuous lives wanting to be the girl who screwed mr XYZ, or mr tiger woods.

Comment by lauren

I’ve known Andy to be more subtle than you Lee – so don’t worry, received loud and clear and I am glad you like the bike, but would prefer you to buy one as that’s where the cash is for me, haha!

Comment by Rob

Sorry Lauren, my question came out wrong because I didn’t mean to imply you could put their behaviour down to ‘one of those things’, I literally was/am interested in how your view of them has changed – because as much as I think these people are sad, selfish twats [if they are doing it purely due to opportunity & ego] I don’t think they are all these evil bastards who should be sent to a place where they will never darken the rest of humanities doorstep again.

OK, some deserve to be like that, but not all – and yet that seems to be the goal of the media with their sensationalist stabbing frenzy.

Hmmmmmn, reading these comments isn’t really conveying what I am trying to say or think – so I hope people don’t mis-read what I am saying. Who am I kidding? No one ever reads what I’m saying to misread it. Boom tish.

Comment by Rob

people are living in denial, and are too sheltered from reality. Just read an article about critics giving Avartar crap because of the mini smoking scenes. Cameron put it best saying a non smoking world is hollywood fantasy, smoking is reality.

Comment by Jacob

I know you were joking Robert, so was I. What’s happening to you in your old age?

@Niko) Your observation is going to cause a stir in cupertino.

Comment by Bazza

What’s happening to me in my old age? Dealing with clients who don’t just have a slightly different understanding of what was agreed 12 [TWELVE] hours ago … but flat-out deny it.


And as you well know, my patience in those sorts of situations isn’t exactly great – hence my reaction to their denial basically resulted in a comment that elevated the ‘pissed off’ notch to level 11 and we’re now officially ‘in a mood’.

Comment by Rob

You’re wrong.

Comment by John

I know I am – but what am I wrong about this time?

Comment by Rob

On this occassion you’re wrong about Tiger and his sponsors. Doesn’t matter if his failings are human (and Im not buying that myself) – the point is that his status as superhuman is gone forever, even if he returns to dominate tournaments in the futue.

Beyond that, in the future any commercial association with him in the fuutre is an alignment with dishonesty and lack of untrustworthiness.

Comment by John

Wish I could say my inability to type future correctly was a reflection of my being in the now. It’s just crap typing.

Comment by John

I think you are giving companies far more moral credit than they deserve …

In a few months/years – when Tiger is back – he’ll have companies lining up to give him cash. I appreciate they might not be the same companies as he had backing him before [maybe because he wouldn’t want them as much as they wouldn’t want him] but to think he is now a sponsorship leper is doubtful … especially in America, where they absolutely love Phoenix from the flames, as long as they are champions etc.

And what do you mean you don’t buy his failings are human? Are you saying Tiger is a robot from the 3rd dimension?

It would answer a lot of questions …

Comment by Rob

I didnt say they wouldnt align with him – just that it would be wrong to do so. And yes america loves a rise from adversity, but more than that it’s a very puritanical country.

Comment by John

Just saying that playing the human card is fraught with danger. Of course his actions were human, but it would also be human not to stray.

Comment by John

Why would it be wrong? Surely that’s dependent on which brand is doing it.

Comment by Rob

I know what you’re saying, I just think that the mistrust/betrayal aura will always be there and will counteract any positive association.

Comment by John

Witness the media fuss over here with Fred Goodwin (ex of RBS) being hired as an advisor by an achitectural firm.

Comment by John

Think of all the PR the achitectural firm have got.

Sorry, I’m in a pissy and argumentative mood.

Comment by Rob

Bad PR.

(and don’t blame your wrongness on your mood ;o))

Comment by John

We have to see how their business goes this year to really see if it was bad PR or simply infamous PR that drove interest in a firm that was otherwise invisible.

Comment by Rob

True, but I couldn’t tell you who they are. I remember the story, not the company and think that the only reason people will recall them will be negative. Time will tell. And by then we’ll have forgotten all this.

Comment by John

It was RMJM, notable for their involvement it the Scottish Parliament.

Comment by Chris

Chris rememebered John.

Comment by Rob

And he wont be hiring them.

Comment by John

Maybe he will!

Fuck this is all decending into childish shit isn’t it. Sorry, even more childish shit …

Going home, need sleep before the next middle-of-the-night concall with people who need to be reminded/ told there’s always 2 sides to every argument, viewpoint and situation.

Yes, I’m talking to Andy … ha! Ta-ra.

Comment by Rob

Sleep well. And smile at Jill.

Comment by John

They were better in the ’60s. Good Evening.

Comment by Chris

Who were better in the 60’s?

Do I really want to know?

I’ll leave it up to you to decide … and as for smiling at Jill, I’ll have to – she’s read this post and wants some answers, ha!

Comment by Rob

To see that poster in print would be worth an early departure from a promising career at National Geographic.

Comment by Chris

I know what you mean, this ad almost got us shot when we ran it.

Comment by Rob

Actually you can see it better here:

Comment by Rob

Thanks! That saves a dentist’s appointment to check through NG back issues.

Comment by Chris

It’s all give, give, give here …

Comment by Rob

Why does your bike look like a sex changed Herbie into S&M?

Comment by DH

Thanks Dave, proves they followed my idea to the letter.

Twat. 🙂

Comment by Rob

thought youd all be interested to know reading the comments has cured my fucking insomnia. if campbell can work out how to package this shit up hell be sitting on a fucking fortune. why dont you get those iti fuckers to do that for you rob, fucking about with that motorized bullshit wont get either of you anywhere. boring people to sleep, thats where the big money is.

gold comment dave might be useful if you did that sort of shit at work once in a fucking while.

Comment by andy@cynic

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