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Vorsprung Durch Tragik … as Robert Likes To Say.
December 18, 2009, 6:32 am
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This gives me no pleasure … no pleasure at all … but have a look at this awful, Awful, AWFUL ad for Audi by [I think] my old colleagues at Y&R Singapore / Asia*


I know it’s nearly Christmas and we’re supposed to be full of love and consideration, but how completely and utterly shit is that eh!?

I’ll tell you … it’s absolutely completely and utterly pants.

I have always loved Audi – and whilst much of that has been because of their product – a big part has been down to BBH’s consistently great ads, all developed with understated elegance and style… and yet now all that lies in a tattered heap because some local agency felt it appropriate to develop an ad [I can’t say an idea] that has all the subtly of Arnie with all the grace of errrrrm, Arnie.

Of course the client should has to take some responsibility for letting it out – however knowing the car industry, I would imagine they had an incredibly short leadtime and so if they didn’t run it, they wouldn’t have anything to run at all – but you know what, I think they should of run nothing at all because this is simply awful.

Apart from some of the worst art direction I think I’ve ever seen [one car looks 6 miles wide whereas the other resembles an automobile for dwarves] the whole premise is just bollocks.

Oh I know what it’s supposed to be [“It’s in the stars you’re going to own an Audi”] but for a brand that has so much to offer – it’s unbelievably tragic that they went with the sort of shit visual pun that you would expect in a 5th year junior school class.

The thing that is even more horrifying is that the Audi brand isn’t as well known in Asia as you would think – and so whilst I am not suggesting an ad detailing the brands heritage – I do believe there are a shitload of interesting and motivational brand stories that could have been used rather than some dot-to-dot graphic that makes no sense and does the brand a huge injustice.

I feel like sending this to Hegarty just to see if I can hear his scream from the other side of the planet – however instead I will simply say this …

Audi, you are a great brand … a brand that is unique amongst the higher-end car marques … a brand that has incredible potential in Asia, despite their obsession with brands that have already achieved an accepted level of status … a brand that has the power to represent the shift in the Asian value of progression … and given you have obviously chosen specifically not to go with the agency that helped you in so many other markets around the World, I would love the chance to come and have a chat because a brand like yours deserves communication that does you justice, and that doesn’t just mean in helping you build the value of the brand, I mean in helping you build significant sales through the value of the brand and should you want to have a chat – it would give me the greatest, greatest of confidential pleasure and all you have to do is click here.

There’s a lot of great people in Y&R* – and it still represents a special time in my career – but if they are indeed behind this monstrosity, then the only reasons I can come up with for it being out in the public domain are [1] the creatives were being held gun point by a blind creative/accout director … [2] the entire agency was experiencing a group brain aneurysm … &/or [3] the people behind it have absolutey no understanding of the brand, the market or advertising in general … and so in the interests of everyone, I think whatever the reason, the people involved should take the lead of Santa and disappear from our sight for at least a year.

After the pain of this, it’s little surprise Monday is my last post of the year.

Thanks a lot Y&R Singapore*, you’ve ruined my Christmas! And Audi’s 2010.

* If this wasn’t Y&R, then I apologise, I am basing it on reports they had won the account – so if I am mistaken, my anger should be re-directed at whichever agency/creative team were behind it. Thank you.

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This might be the best blog post title that’s ever been written.

I’ve always believed you can tell how good someone is by checking out the quality of the work that gets produced after they’ve left, so looking at this ad means you and BBH are even better than I thought you were.

I hope Audi call because for whatever reason they approved it, they need saving from themselves and definitely from the agency who thought it was OK to do.

Great post to end the week and I hope Monday’s last post of the year is just as explosive. 🙂

Comment by Bazza


Comment by John

This might be the only time Baz will tower over me but I agree with his above comment and I’m not saying it because Jesus is having his birthday bash soon.

That ad is fucking shit in every way but one. Whoever did it proves advertising still has the power to make or break a brand and choosing your agency on price is like choosing your whores on price, the cheaper you go the more likely you end up feeling dirty and having a dose of something horrible you can’t shake off.

That’s 2 things and a shit analogy. Happy christmas suckers.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Your opening line might be the best you’ve ever written Billy … but as Baz was so nice to me, I think I will have to stop the praise there.

And John … never a truer word spoken!

Comment by Rob

The best reason to hire BBH that I’ve ever seen.

Comment by DH

Maybe it’s protons agency and they put the wrong logo on the ad. It feels like a proton ad.

Comment by Neil Parr

If I was the Proton MD, I’d still be pissed off.

Comment by Rob

So would the staff.

Comment by John

A commendable title to this post. Brilliant.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

wow. Unmöglich indeed. i wonder what aspect of Technik this ad was trying to represent? and how much Vorsprung is there in producing a DPS in some shit newspaper.

lowest common denominator advertising produces lowest common denominator consumers. i can see the ed hardy vs audi collaboration already – Vorsprung dürch Techno…

Comment by lauren

Excellent excellent excellent post Rob.
I really enjoyed reading this one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Comment by Judith

Hello Judith … happy to oblige and happy you wrote a comment. Come back again, we need more women on here to help dilute the uber-masculine tough guys that normally reside on here. Cough cough.

Comment by Rob

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