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Moment Of Truth …
December 15, 2009, 6:14 am
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… because in little over 24 hours [if all goes to plan] a project I’ve been working on for the last few months will be officially unveiled.

Whilst all the elements won’t be explained, the goal is quite simple … we intend to end the predictable nature of a particular industry and make it – at the very least – exciting again.

I know this is all very ambigious, but it’ll become clear soon and I can’t wait till the full details are revealed because there’s some stuff that is incredibly cool indeed … and there’s not a single ad in any of it, well, not as most ad agencies would define it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’ve used a picture of Anna Kournikova in this post, ask me when I see you and you’ll realise it’s wasn’t just for perverted reasons.

PS: Sorry how bollocks this is – especially as I’m not really saying much [as usual] – it’s just a toptastic thing for me.

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You must be excited because aren’t you a week early?

Similar to your behaviour as a child at Christmas perhaps?

Comment by George

There is something not quite right when I am the one to make the first comment, Andy can’t come back quick enough as far as I’m concerned.

Comment by George

Thank god for that, keeping your mouth shut has been putting too much pressure on your blood pressure.

Comment by DH

looking forward to reading about whats going on. whatever it is, fingers crossed that it all goes according to plan!

Comment by peggy


And was I really that bad David? Surely not – I’m such a calm and composed person.

Finally, thank you Peggy … you’re very sweet … I’m sure all will go well if only for the fact if it doesn’t, people will be shot, haha!

Comment by Rob

It’s good to see your excitement Robert, but remember there are times where silence is golden.

Comment by Alex Tai.

Hi Alex, what the hell are you doing on here?

I can tell your comment is supposed to be the equivilent of a ‘visit’ from some crime bosses henchmen … and your ‘message’ has been noted though I do have to admit to feeling honoured Mr Big himself is doing the [albeit sweet intimidation!


Nice surprise [and it is nice, honest] to have you pop by, but you realise your sudden appearence will play havoc with George’s health.

Talk later.

Comment by Rob

Good job you chose advertising rather than spying for a career Rob.

Comment by Bazza

Of course I wouldn’t make a good spy, I’m half Italian.

[Sorry Mum]

Comment by Rob

I hope the Kournikova picture is not meant to signify the ability to make a lot of money out of something one is not very good at.

Comment by John

‘I could tell you, but I’m not going to tell you’ – this post is like an episode pf the x-files.
More seriously, hope it all goes swimmingly

Comment by northern

X files? Wasn’t that always an anticlimax or was that just the movies?

Comment by Bazza

It better be good.

Comment by Marcus

Only if you like screaming cars and overpaid drivers.

Comment by DH

Just read the news..

Congratulations and good luck to Robert and all those involved with the project/team.

Comment by niko

Thanks David … even if none of my bits have been unveiled. And they’re the most exciting bits, ha!

Comment by Rob

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