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Is This The Greatest Album Cover Of All Time?
December 11, 2009, 6:27 am
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Not sure … but it’s certainly one of the most attention grabbing.

Move over Britney and Miley … there’s a new shock Queen in town and she’s walking in with her errrrrm, legs over her shoulders.

PS: Could Susan Boyle’s record company please not get any horrible ideas for promoting album #2 please. Thank you.

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I bet it doesn’t look as good live though…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

At least it’s better than the Martin Sorrell centrefold image you put into our heads yesterday.

Comment by Bazza

v for vendetta. does anyone know what the arithmetic problem is about? and yeah, i now got susan boyle posing in my head. definitely more entertaining than counting sheep

Comment by peggy

What does the 49-in-one album mean?

Comment by Age

I’m sure I’ve seen one of her concerts. It was in Bangkok and she pulled some mad dance moves with ping pong balls.

Comment by Billy Whizz

yeah, what do the single numbers stand for? i guess 28 is her age. then probably 17 years of a career and 4 extremities.

Comment by peggy

what a morning. last night susan boyle and now janice haha

Comment by peggy


Comment by John

is that position how she hits the high notes?

Comment by northern

I’ll never listen to a Michael Jackson song the same way again!

Comment by Rob

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