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If You Thought Adland Was Bad For …
December 10, 2009, 6:35 am
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1/ Puns
2/ Plagiarism
3/ Platitudes

… then have a look at what those folk in financial publishing are up to.


Jeez …

I guess what this means is that the financial crisis is still alive and well because when a magazine – whose name, type and design is the epitome of boring – has to resort to ‘shock’ tactics to try and attract some custom, you know the rest of the World is still knee deep in the shit.

What next, accountant centrefolds?

Maybe Sir Martin could make a celebrity appearance … with the way WPP’s finances are looking, he might have to.

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I just wanted to be the first to comment for once.

I will leave the views and sarcasm to the more experienced commentators on this blog though the suggestion of Sir Martin being a centrefold of anything is very disturbing.

Comment by George

Congratulations to George on his impressive achievement but commiserations to Finance Asia for their cheap marketing gimmick. I don’t believe this cover will represent a long term, high yielding return on their carefully managed funds.

Comment by Pete

Havent got time to read this post, but Im sure it’s convoluted nonsense and certainly no time to make some double entry double entendre.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

That’s the magazine.

Comment by DH

God you’re harsh Doddsy … especially as this is the shortest post I’ve written since 1827!

And could you please explain why you have become Finbarr Saunders [].

George: It’s nice to see you taking up the slack during Andy’s absence. What a team player you are.

Comment by Rob

Because Andy isn’t here.

Comment by John

God, I thought George was a team player but you’re even better given you’re not even being paid to pretend you’re a team player.

Maybe that is why my blog has decided to allow you to post without first being sent to the spam dungeon?

Comment by Rob

So what should they do?

Comment by John

“accountant centrefolds” good god! ill never be able to look at my finance department the same again.

Comment by Jacob

if a centrefold, which is hard to imagine, doesnt cut it, i suggest giving stuff away for free. thats what many seem to be doing. so, maybe a t-shirt with every subscription that will do. i m sure.

Comment by peggy

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