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For All Of You Who Thought Queen Were A Bunch Of Muppets …
November 30, 2009, 6:13 am
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Genius … especially Animal, Swedish Chef and Beaker [especially his shakeout moment at 2″ 50 secs] who steal the limelight in a way that would make Freddie proud.

[Though Ms Piggy probably channels him the most accurately]

Given Queen have just released a new album [basically their 67,456th version of ‘Greatest Hits’] this could be one of the great marketing ploys to reach new audiences since Def Leppard’s “Guitar Hero” strategy – but regardless of that, it’s just bloody brilliant and given Queen would have had to approve the use of this song, then hat’s off to them for letting it happen because it’s 4 minutes 47 seconds of smiling pleasure.

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most ive ever enjoyed a fucking queen song.

what next? iron maiden on fucking sesame street?

xfactor, american idol, muppets: havent the fuckers got enough money to leave us the fuck alone yet or is this driven by the realisation that mr irrelevance is knocking on their door? why dont they just open it and give us all some fucking peace.

good video though.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is going to boost Queen’s career like Wayne’s World did. It’s brilliant and if it is a tie-in, it is genius because both parties will prosper from it.

The fact Queen don’t feature in the clip shows foresight because that would turn something very funny into something tragic and desperate. But then they did appear on X factor so maybe it’s just a lucky break for them.

Comment by Pete

This was when kids TV was about genuine entertainment, not selling backpacks and trading cards. Good times!!

Comment by Age

But I bought my Dad a ‘Ms Piggy’ figureine when I was about 7 years old age, see – even the Muppett’s took us for a ride.

Comment by Rob

Let me rephrase… a time when the merch was secondary!!

Comment by Age


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Utterly charming and if it is indeed a joint promotion, then it is an excellent example of 2 brands working together and appreciating each other’s strengths and benefits as opposed to one trying to dominate the other which often occurs in these brand tie ins.

This clip will spread like wild fire.

Comment by Lee Hill

You mean like this Lee?

… or this …

To be honest I’m not sure if it is an official tie-in – but given the youtube clip comes from the ‘Muppets Studio’ and links to where you can buy the original Queen track, there certainly seems to be some sort of connection between the 2 brands.

And Mr M, what the hell are you doing up at this time???

Comment by Rob

Animal is god.

Comment by DH

kiddy crack. gotta love it. Though my only gripe ( out of jealousy, cause who ever came up with that one is Genius times 3) is that it is shot in such a way that it can be easily turned into a commercial, which kids would not be able to differentiate from content. Devious indeed. this is why I love adland. Not in some cynical way either.

Comment by Niko

I know what you’re saying Niko but to be fair, what they filmed is pretty similar to the original video so you could say Queen were the original devious bastards of music … even though Dodds and NP would say they were simply just bastards.

Personally I wish they’d made it so kids/adults/Queen fans could mess with the film and become ‘directors’, but that proves I am a very sad bastard so I’ll shut up and simply leave you with a site from many, many moons ago that to me, was a pioneer and just makes me salivate at what could of been done if Muppet Queen had followed suit …

Comment by Rob

that’s what I am talking about..!

first get them dopamine levels up by showing them kids furry puppets and shit, then once they are hooked you pull them in deeper by having them chase that initial high via “engagement” and the ever so popular buzz word “play”.

Only thing missing is McD’s co-sign to make it official..come to think of it..this muppet effort is really poor when you think of the stuff they could of done..

Oh well if selling dope to kids was easy, i guess we’d all be doing that instead of advertising 😉

Comment by niko is still great fun and I remember you showed it to me at least 4 or 5 years ago. This clip would have taken on a whole new dimension if they’d allowed people to play.

Comment by Bazza

Day off!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can anyone else hear Jim Henson turning in his grave? Or is it Freddie Mercury?


Comment by Bazza


Comment by Marcus

Isn’t it just …

How are you my lovely Marcus? Let me know when you can be arsed to take a phonecall from me for a proper catch up – been ages and it’s all my fault.

Comment by Rob

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