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Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind …
November 5, 2009, 2:14 pm
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No, I’m not back from my hols, it’s just that I’ve heard my beloved Emah just got a big promotion at BBH and I wanted to publically congratulate her.

As I said when she left us, she is an incredibly talented and clever individual who can go much, much, much further in her career than she thinks [should she want to] so it makes me incredibly happy to see her getting acclaim and praise at an agency that is more professional than I/we could be in a thousand lifetimes.

Saying that, the real congrats should be to my mates at BBH for keeping Emah happy, motivated and challenged … but then they are experts at recognising and keeping talent, which is probably why I’ve never worked there, ha!

See you Monday!

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So you’re still on holiday but can write a post congratulating someone who no longer works for you? You do realize the nobel has already been handed out Rob?

Congratulations Emah, you’re another in a long line of people who have moved forward once they’re out of Rob’s clutches. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

I like to think I am the nurturer of talent … someone who helps the little seeds of potential grow strong and proud, reaching ever higher and appearing ever more beautiful to the big, high paying companies out there.

Of course that’s a pile of shit, but it’s my big attempt to justify why you should all give me 5% of your future earnings.

Comment by Rob

Well done Emah.

Comment by Marcus

Wonderful work Emah, well deserved.

We await your return with baited breath Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I know that the only reason you would say that Lee is because you are expecting my bloody preso for cough-cough-splutter-splutter to be delivered first thing on Monday.

You’re as transparent as a greenhouse. A very expensive greenhouse. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Pop over to my desk Emah, and I’ll give you a hug from Rob.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Andy would be proud of that move Fredrik. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Well done Emah, and very suave Fredrik.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

em-ahhh!! well done grrl.. \m/ .. and that t-shirt is all that!

Comment by lauren

Nice to see it’s all pretty much the same as usual despite the little holiday!


Comment by Rob

Oh my god!! You didn’t. And that t-shirt from Doddsy. GOLD! Thanks everyone. 🙂

Fred – I won’t go over your desk only because you’ll crushed me with the hug. I’m only like 2 ft tall.

Comment by Emah

fuck me campbell is back. bang goes productivity and brain cell development.

well done emah, but what the fuck do you mean doddsys t shirt? you cant of succumbed to his oafish charms. tell me no. that would be worse than when i found out portia de rossi was a fucking carpet licker.

proud of you but not in your taste of stalker even though it shows your excellent manipulative skills which any suit worth their pay check should have.

campbell. i am going to savour my last weekend of peace and i hope mummy campbell had a fucking great time despite your company.

Comment by andy@cynic

wheres doddsy? is he going to sit there like an italian and let me take his name is vain/vein?

too fucking right the dodgy tshirt giving pervert is. at least hes like mr fucking kipling and has exceedingly good taste which is something i suppose.

Comment by andy@cynic

Mr Kipling? Are you going through a ‘home sick’ phase again Andy …

Comment by Rob

i only know you from past posts emah, but… congratulations!!! and did john really give you the t? oh how sweet he is 🙂

Comment by peggy

Great news for you Emah, well deserved I hear.

Comment by Pete

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