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Profit In Peace …
October 19, 2009, 6:16 am
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I found this post in my drafts folder so it’s not as relevant as it could have been, however that’s never been a problem before so I’ll just get on with it.

OK, so a few months ago, the actor Patrick Swayze died.

I liked this man … not because of his movie roles [though ‘Point Break’ rocked] but because he seemed a really decent guy.

Yeah … yeah … so that impression was formed more around mass media commentary than anything more intimate, however in an industry that thinks nothing of marrying another person within 13 seconds of divorce, the fact he and his wife had been – seemingly happy – together for so many years helped solidify his ‘good guy’ image in my mind.

As most people know, Swayze died after eventually losing his battle with an aggressive form of cancer and – quite rightly – after his death, many people came out saying how sorry they were and how honourable a man he was.

However in this overly commercial World we live in … where respect plays second fiddle to profit … a number of companies saw his passing as an opportunity, not a time of sadness.

Of course this is nothing new …

Hell, you just have to look at how so many people act over a families will to realise this is not something exclusive to members of celebratory.

Anyway, so I was in HMV the weekend after Swayze died, when I saw this …

It’s bad enough that they thought this was an opportunity to make a buck literally days after he had passed away, but the fact there’s a sign on the top saying “THIS MONTH’S SPECIALS” seems a bit tactless.

What do the people at HMV do? Have a team of specialist newspaper obituary readers who are ready to leap into action the moment they spot a someone who has film/music/gaming credentials has died?

All this from an organisation that had the audacity to self-censor magazines on the grounds of bad taste.



But nothing takes the piss more than the way one of the Asian regional television networks is promoting Swayze’s last ever television show, “The Beast”.

As the promo starts, announcing when this new show will commence … a super comes on that says,

“In memory of Patrick Swayze”


Can you believe it?

Why don’t they go the whole hog and just say …

“If you don’t watch this show, you are basically mocking the dead you evil bastards!”

I know television is having a bad time of it at the moment – and ratings are King – but jeez, trying to guilt-trip the masses into watching is a pretty desperate strategy by anyone’s book.

It can surely only be a matter of time before every show starts off with a ‘In Memoriam’ message … featuring either the names of the actor/actresses who have passed away since it was made, or anyone associated with them who have now gone, from parents to pets.

Of course all of this pales into insignificance when you compare it to the exploitation that has been going on with Michael Jackson death … however this is the World we have now created, a World which sadly my industry not only endorses but encourages … and I for one think all this lack of empathy, emotion and respect is doing our society harm but then they do say money is the root of all evil.

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greed, desperation and irrelevance breed fucked up decisions both in selling and fucking buying. (sexy phone charger anyone?)

you think some tv network trying to guilt trip ratings is bad? over in the land of aquired taste they released a fucking swayze porcelain plate the week after his ashes were sharing air with my fucking lungs.

some fucker must buy that shit because they fucking own every backpage of low grade gossip shit this country produces, but theyre losing their touch because they didnt try and fucking claim its part of a collection swayze made on the potters wheel with ‘molly’ in the fucking andrex sponsored film ghost. very disappointing from a company who has claimed official status on all manner of pointless shit like being the first endorsed elvis plate featuring mr peanut and banana in his comeback special outfit.

did jill buy that? she fucking did didnt she? she has no taste in her husbands so why the fuck should i expect her to have any taste in her memorabilia?

and your sick as fuck ghost photo comment made me laugh you sick mofo. you really are satans little helper arent you. good fucking work.

why dont andrex make sad mini films that will make sentimental twats and pmt ravaged chicks bawl like 3 year olds being denied a biscuit? who the fuck do i charge that moment of brilliance to?

its sunday. i have a life.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe hmv are huge fans of Patrick Swayze and just want everyone to remember his genius? You’re such a cynic Robert.

Comment by Bazza

It can only be a matter of time before companies in financial trouble hire hitmen to help boost their short-term profits.

Comment by Rob

You forgot to blame the shareholders.

Comment by DH

is it bad that i had no idea that he died?

Comment by lauren

Don’t worry Lauren, you live in Australia – it’s perfectly understandable.

Comment by Rob

I’m sorry but nothing compares to the corpse fucking that went on over here for Princess Diana.

I did a presentation on it:

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Corpse fucking … what a delightful turn of phrase. I am impressed Mr M, but not as impressed as a certain man in NYC will be when he reads it.

Comment by Rob

Erm… thanks!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes, you must be so proud …

Comment by Rob

It adequately described the activity of UK papers with a phrase as pleasant as their articles. So yeah, a little!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That makes me proud, ha!

Comment by Rob

Linguistic debate, right wing paper slagging, and offensive language… Andy will be so pleased.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Pleased? He’ll think it’s Christmas.

Comment by Rob

where the fuck is everyone? this place was always shit but at least the commentators made it slightly fucking interesting. now theyve fucking seen the light, does this mean the end for musings of an opinionated sad twat?

luckily for campbell mortimer pulled it out the bag and ensures i hang around for another day. you brought a tear to my false eye with that unprovoked attack mortimer. well fucking done.

Comment by andy@cynic

it can only be a matter of time before companies get convicted for hiring hitmen – like that politician/tv presenter (what an eye opening combination) wallace souza in brazil

and is it a rainbow i see on “this month’s specials”? it misses the pot of gold with a mourning border.

Comment by peggy

I’m here.

Comment by Marcus

how much did campbell pay you marcus?

Comment by andy@cynic

not enough.

Comment by Marcus

One man’s “not enough” is another man’s “plenty”.


Comment by Rob

depends who has to post on this blog.

Comment by Marcus

But by definition Rob, one man’s ‘plenty’ is another mans’ “Piss off you stingy bastard”


Comment by Rob Mortimer

hang on a minute… your false eye, andy?

rob – are you and andy the same person? is this a tyler durden kind of moment?

Comment by lauren

The first rule of Rob’s blog is that you do not talk about Rob’s blog.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That was almost as uncalled for as the Jillyism blog, Lauren. Go sit on the naughty chair please.

Comment by Rob



Comment by lauren

Just because you finished your whateveritwasyourfinished, doesn’t mean you can start being rude to your much, much older elders.

Like Doddsy.

Comment by Rob

true. oh wise one.

Comment by lauren

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