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The Difference Between Men & Women’s Brains …
October 12, 2009, 6:39 am
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… apart from the fact one is insightful and practical while the other is obsessed with pastel colours, reading men’s minds [and then telling them what they’ve read] reading their mind [thanks to Oprah] and planning what to wear tomorrow*.

* Before all the women go nuts saying I’m slagging them off, I’d remind you it’s dangerous to presume because maybe I’m talking about men … this one in particular.

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picking on gay wolverine is a bit fucking obvious isnt it campbell but then mr fucking perfect started it with his twinkle toe dancing, self depreciating sense of humour, half decent dress sense, he-man physique, great dad credentials and marrying his fucking grandmother.

no fucker is that perfect, especially an unfuckingcouth aussie.

Comment by andy@cynic

seems the fuckers genes are british. explains everything then.

Comment by andy@cynic

I thought you prepared posts weeks in advance?

Shouldn’t this should give you ample time to write something interesting 😉

Comment by Charles

i do love to spend time in my nothing box, but… is mark gungor a fundamentalist, christianized version of marie claire? (no offense to any christians reading this intended, but i just watched some of his “stinkingthinking”)

nice picture of the sexiest man alive 🙂

Comment by peggy

Andy, you sound suspiciously like a man in love with Mr Jackman. In fact I’m surprised you didn’t call him Mr Jackoff, as a freudian slip, demonstrating the man-love you have for him.

And yes Charles, you’re quite right – it’s a pathetic post isn’t it. Even more pathetic than usual … but I have been so busy recently that the pre-writing has been put on the backburner however I hope tomorrow’s will perk you up as it’s a celebration of P&G, and no – I’m not being sarcastic.

And Peggy, you’re so kind referring to me as the sexiest man in the Universe but I’m a married man and can’t accept compliments like that. Hang on, were you talking about the “Hugh Jackman channels Freddie Mercury” picture? Bugger – I thought you meant the header of the blog … another dream dashed on a Monday morning.

Comment by Rob

It would appear we will be soon having a very enlightening dinner Robert.

Love to Jill.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I’ve just remembered I have an urgent hairdressing appointment that day Mary.

Comment by Rob

Oh P&G… I LOVE those boys and they love me.

Can’t we kick the shit out of Unilever till me ‘n PG Tips sort our shit out?

Comment by Charles

I can’t believe you wrote a title like that without making reference to this:


Comment by Will

I laughed enough to get past the random pointlessness of the post!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can I use this clip to justify the launch of the iOven?

Comment by Bazza

i m sorry rob. hope you nevertheless had a decent monday and you ll enjoy the dinner 😉

great to read apple is making more things for the female target market bazza! the ioven will perfectly complement the itablet, i guess. btw, can you offer that in pink, please? it would look gorgeous with some granny smiths on it 🙂

Comment by peggy

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