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Rude In Translation …
October 9, 2009, 6:36 am
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So when we left Singapore, a friend of ours gave Jill a t-shirt as a going away present.

Anyway, today she decided to wear it for the first time [presumably because the other million other clothes she has – which naturally she denies owning – were in the wash] so imagine her surprise when someone at the uber-professional company she was at came up and announced the words boldly emblazoned on the front of her shirt [right next to a picture of an old fashioned fish restaurant] translates to…


For some reason she can’t understand why I find this so funny though it does explain why the male boss at the company wants to hire her full time.


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according to my world time reading skills, its fucking early for you lot in asialand so unless youre the worst fucking husband since oj im guessing you pre wrote this bollocks because if you didnt and jill has literally just found out she is wearing porn clothing at the office then that means youre sending her out to earn her wedge from 2 in the fucking morning you pimp wannabe slave driving bastard.

and people think im a fucking prick. youre in another fucking league campbell.
anyway fuck that, why isnt this in her jillyism thing or has she finally got you under control thanks to the foot in bollocks technique?

Comment by andy@cynic

I was first on this blog and all I got was some lousy T-shirt post.

Comment by John

what a friend you both got. LOL

jill must do a really good job, because they want to hire her full-time despite that t-shirt! 🙂 congratulations to her, btw!

Comment by peggy

I’ve never had a woman say suck me now but then I live a modest quiet life.

Comment by Charles

You will be happy to know [or not, as the case may be] that I am not a complete uncaring bastard, I am just a complete sad bastard for pre-writing my posts because I can assure Andy that at the time this was posted, Jill was not suffering corporate humiliation – she was suffering personal humiliation by being asleep next to me.

As for the “foot in bollocks technique”, I really don’t want to know what you and your wife get up to Andy – it’s already been the topic of too much discussion and personally I find the whole concept of you doing anything with that wonderful, beautiful woman very distateful. 🙂

And Peggy … as much as Jill is prone to doing/saying stupid shit when she’s near sleep/awake, she is a bloody brilliant designer and [keep it quiet] a great thinker – however as we’re close to opening Obsenity – her Ben&Jerry style cake shop – she is not allowed to be bought out full time by any company or we will have a house load of cupcakes that will either [1] go off or [2] go into my stomach. 🙂

Charles: did you get my e about next week?

Comment by Rob

I did mate *removes straw from lips* (How was it baby?)


Let’s do Thurs Anytime, any place? (btw Did you like HHCL’s Martini work because my ex used to work on that?)

Comment by Charles

Who was your ex? Lou?

Please tell me no, I always thought she had good taste, ha!

Anyway, I don’t suppose there’s any chance we could do Friday is there?

Comment by Rob

At least Jill is unaware shes wearing offensive tshirts unlike her husband who has proudly attended pitches wearing garments with statements like “I speak to Jesus, he’s my Mexican gardener”, proudly emblazoned on the front.

Andy’s “I love my penis” wins overall and it also attracted the most positive female comment, go figure.

Comment by Bazza

Once we were eating Pizza in a little take away type restaurant and my wife starting laughing.

I asked her why and she told me to look at the butch guy with the nike t shirt on. “The Chinese written on it says ‘Girl Power’.” she said…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

By the grace of God, I’d forgotten that evening with Andy and his ‘cock shirt’ and I think I would have preferred if it had stayed that way … however it has to be said, it did attract an enourmous amount of female attention but not enough for them to look past Andy’s personality. Boom Tish.

And for the record Baz, that was when I was young and immature – can’t you tell I’m a changed man these days.

[That might be more believable if I hadn’t written a post recently about a Queen t-shirt I bought nor the fact I am currently wearing a ridiculously sad ‘Golf Punk’ shirt with the camo birkies. Bugger]

Comment by Rob

then congratulations to jill for doing a great job while planning a business on the side! you are a happy (and lucky ; ) man rob. not that you wouldn t know… i m just saying 🙂

it is refreshing to read members of asian societies tend to be less patriarchic than widely presumed, mr m 😉

Comment by peggy

oh wait, was that in hk or uk mr m? lol

Comment by peggy

Uk, but my in laws are from HK…!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

some years ago, i had a t with some japanese writing on it, bought in germany. i never knew what it meant. and i didn t really care. but one day, i passed a group of japanese tourists walking through the city. they stared at me. it s not that they were smiling. i never wore it again. i should find out what it means as i just recently re-discovered it…

Comment by peggy

Take a photo and send it to me and I’ll get our Japanese office to inform you of your huge social faux pas Peggy!

Have a top weekend all …

Comment by Rob

hahaha awesome! the digi cam’s battery is charging just now!

Comment by peggy

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