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Once Upon A Time, Being Able To Start A Fire Represented ‘Status’ …
September 29, 2009, 6:16 am
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A few weeks ago, Jill’s Mum came to visit us in HK.

As it was her first time here, we did the usual ‘tourist’ things – which was actually quite nice for us too, because even though we’ve lived here for 8 months or so, we’ve been travelling so much, we haven’t actually had much time to do ‘the sights’.

Anyway, one of the things we did was ride the ‘Peak Tram’ … basically a train that takes you up from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong CBD, upto the relative quiet and natural beauty of the uber-priced ‘Peak’.

Now I know what I’m about to say is going to be fucking obvious to all of you, however when I got to the top of the hill, it wasn’t the view that I first noticed, but the breeze.

For those of you who don’t know, Hong Kong is an oven.

Sure, for some of the year, it has a climate where a jumper is a necessity, but when it’s hot – it makes Singapore look a walk in the park – and so back in the ol’ days when air conditioning meant letting off a fart, the wealthy didn’t live high up so they could feel superior to the minions below, they did it because basically they could breath.

Now as I said, you probably all knew that – however it was a revelation to me – which not only shows I’m a thick bastard, but that there’s a whole host of different stories and perspectives you can base your ideas on if you are only willing to look for them. Well, that and being given enough time to explore, experiment and discover.

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Youre in China, so I assume you’re only allowed to post blandly. That can be the only explanation right?

Comment by John

so youre back to spouting your planning bollocks are you campbell.

take 2 parts of common fucking sense, throw in some jumped up and express with gusto. fucking easy.

ironic you use your boring story as an example for planners to find new ways into old problems. but its ok rob, i know your heart is in the right place while my fucker resides in the fucking freezer.

Comment by andy@cynic

is that photo from your rocker yuppie phase?

Comment by andy@cynic

If I didn’t think Andy would destroy me, I would admit I found the “breath of fresh air” observation interesting despite common sense telling me it should be obvious.

In my experience and defence (sorry Rob, you’re on your own) I’ve found the best insights tend to be obviousness not yet articulated.

Go on Andy, do your worst. 🙂

Comment by Pete

Nice post title too.

Comment by Pete

you should know i dont attack mentalists pete.
not enough fucking humiliation in it.

Comment by andy@cynic

i like that post. (and the picture : ) sometimes you never quite know if you don t see the wood for the trees, if you don t get different input, other perspectives. it kinda helps defining the issue

Comment by peggy

“Obviousness not yet articulated”. I like that descriptor Pete.

Common sense is like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder which is why bredth is as important as deptth when exploring possibilities.

@Rob. I’m glad you admit the “height is an antidote to humidity” observation was new to you because this would otherwise be the sort of post you always told me was ruining planning. So your stupidity saves your integrity. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Andy told me that Baz. Must have got it from Rob or George.

BTW, I really like “common sense is like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder”. I’ll be using that.

Have we just started the Bazza/Pete mutual appreciation society? If you send me an iPad (admit you’re making them) I’ll start the Bazza appreciation club.

Comment by Pete

get a fucking room you sad nerdy twats

Comment by andy@cynic

We only say it to annoy you.

Comment by Pete

rob, are you suggesting that jill’s mum looks like that dude in the pic?

Comment by lauren

i accept your resignation pete. george & rob will be sad.

Comment by andy@cynic

robs in china. he cant fight back because his blog is banned or some shit. probably for being boring. so take as much piss as you like because hes like her fucking majesty and cant answer back.

Comment by andy@cynic

great first punch lauren. knew i could fucking rely on you.

Comment by andy@cynic

isnt the dude in the pic ben afflecks mother in law again?

Comment by andy@cynic

Come over to the island sometime. You get to see me talking under 400 words a minute as this picture in the tea garden (where it’s breezy) shows quite well (passing tourist with a camera took it)…breezy too 🙂

Comment by Charles

I posted this question on facebook and I will post it here so you have to bloody answer it: What’s up with your finger nails? Is that some kind of scrubby french manicure? Why the hell are they orange?

And by the way: Hello. Long time no see. But it’s nice to come back and see nothing has changed here. It’s a bit like Cheers. Though I’m not quite sure if Andy would be Cliff or Norm.

Just in case anyone could ask: I’m fine, thank you. A bit too much work but Berlin scores high. Then again: Nobody really gives a fuck.

Comment by seb

fuck me hes back. where the fuck were you, trapped in that house with the kidnapped american chick?

Comment by andy@cynic

No, not trapped. But a bit busy. Have been here in Berlin for three months now and there has been no spare time at all.
Sleeping, working, getting around the city a bit, working, sleeping, drinking, making the apartment a home, sleeping, working and if that wouldn’t have been enough I was trapped in a house with the women’s national volleyball team of Sweden for a few weeks. Did you know they all were ex-underwear-models and go out of bounds after a bottle of vodka? Well, who am I talking to. Bet you know.

Comment by seb

I love the peak tram, the view is amazing.

Have you visited the NT’s yet?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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