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If First Impressions Are Important …
September 28, 2009, 6:33 am
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… what would you think of a brand consultancy called Foetus International?

Having gone through the hell that is coming up with new company names … I must admit I’d love to know the thought process they went through to come up with that.

Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out they wanted something that represented ‘giving life’ … but couldn’t they of chosen something better?





Fuck, even Placenta Global would be better than Foetus.

Look, I know nothing about them apart from the fact they are seemingly a Malaysian holding company for a bunch of local/interlocal [there’s a new word for you] ‘creative companies’ – so while I’m sure they’re really great at what they do, I can honestly say that if I was looking for help in making my brand grow, I don’t think my first choice would be an organisation who, in terms of first impressions, demonstrate all the subtly and sensitivity of Ms Jordan Big Tits.

Sorry, it’s Mondayitus …

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talking of first impressions, anyone coming here for the first time is hardly going to think theyve just unfuckingcovered the next einstein are they.

but fuck them, youre taking the piss out of some pretentious twats and i like that and as we all know, thats all that fucking counts where you and your rambling shit is concerned.

your mondayitus pain is this blogs gain. we all hope you have a twatty tuesday. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Foetus International sounds like an evil corporation that Arnie, Stallone, Segal or van Damme would have to overthrow in one of their mid 80’s movies.

“All the subtly and sensitivity of Ms Jordan Big Tits” is my quote of the week and it hasn’t even officially started for me yet.

Comment by Pete

It’s ALMOST as bad as this cracker that was launched with much fanfare during the most watched sporting event in Australia this weekend…

Comment by Age

Maybe Foetus International did that horror Age.

And it is a horror … a horror that needs blame to be equally distributed between client and agency, because at the end of the day, you can’t relinquish your responsibility if you are so quick to take the credit when something goes kinda well.

I think my comments on your post cover my main issues … including the fact its a rip-off/inspiration of a sketch show skit and a great campaign by Cliff Freeman for Budget in the 90’s.

We’re no longer a creative industry, we’re a plagirist industry. With shit company names.

Comment by Rob

It’s alot better than this:

Comment by northern

It’s all to do with foetal positioning.

Comment by John

Bad, but is it worse than SurnameSurnameSurnameandSurname Holding Parent Company Ltd?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I can only hope Mother buy Foetus, it would be almost as good as when Lowes were talking about buying out Principals with the new merged name being Lowe Principals.

Comment by Bazza

@ Rob Mortimer. Yes. But only just. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

oh for fuck’s sake. the world has gone mad. and bazza, i laughed out loud, for real, when i read your comment. oh, that would be awesome.

Comment by miss brown

That’s the ultimate compliment. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

If I ever start an agency I want every named partner bar one to change their surname to Spam, just so we can be called Spam Spam Egg and Spam Ltd.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

has apple created the ihumour baz because theres no fucking way you managed to come up with that by yourself..

4 years of being a boring bastard then you go to be mr jobs toy and start writing semi humouress shit.

theyve fucking planted something in you havent they. the evil nerds have fucked you. make a sign and well come save you but itll cost access to your fucking bigger than you corporate expense account.

Comment by andy@cynic

I once wanted to start a parody agency called TBC:ETC, which tells you how bad our industry naming is!

We have RKCR Y&R and TWO Saatchi agencies for goodness sake.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

why dont you start y&r&m&c&saatchi&saatchi ltd and really fuck with their little heads mortimer.

Comment by andy@cynic

this post has been read. Good evening.

Comment by Marcus

Placenta International. My first start up.

Comment by Will

i d prefer they rebrand it as fruit of womb. or ultimately bazza’s idea

Comment by peggy

What if S&S merged with M&C, then it would M&C Saatchi Saatchi Saatchi Baked Beans Egg and Saatchi

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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