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Little Things Can Make Big Fuck Ups …
August 31, 2009, 6:29 am
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So we’ve just been doing some ads for one of our clients that features well known people media personalities.

Obviously, as part of the process, we have to get things approved, so we recently sent one of the ideas over to the client and ‘talent’ for their feedback.

Fortunately for us, everything was fine – but the talent did say he had to send it to his managers in London for their approval.

It was then we realised we had a potential disaster on our hands.

When we were going through the ideas, we realised that in the copy, we had said “she” instead of “he”.

Obviously it’s just a slip of a copywriters hand, but it’s not right and just because the ad was a ‘work in progress’ doesn’t mean we should be slack in checking things before we send them out.

Now you might think, “what harms done, the client and talent didn’t pick it up either” and you’d be right, but I don’t think that’s an excuse – however it gets worse. Potentially much, MUCH worse.

You see the talent who has been subject to our inadvertent ‘sex change’ is a very well known gay man … except he hasn’t actually ‘come out’ so I am waiting for the explosion when his managers see the mistake and think we’ve just been taking the piss.

Do I think they will accept it was an innocent mistake?

If it was anyone other than us, possibly – but something tells me I’m going to be buying a lot of dinners over the next few weeks.

I’ve always said it’s the little things that can make the difference and here’s proof –the letter ‘s’ has the potential to make my life very painful indeed!

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What a nice welcome home present for Andy. You’re so kind and thoughtful Robert even if he will think something quite different. LOL.

Comment by Pete

If he doesn’t appreciate it, he’s a slackarse. 🙂

Comment by Rob

when did the client notice? 🙂
is that ricky martin in the picture?

Comment by peggy

Can you not tempt fate please Peggy.

Thank you. 🙂

Comment by Rob

i always tempt fate. but usually only mine. so, um… sorry 🙂

Comment by peggy

Is this another BBC America situation? For your sake I hope it is because then Andy will have to forgive you won’t he? I forgot, he lives by different rules when it isn’t his fault. 🙂

Comment by DH

oh hit.

Comment by lauren

well I hear managers are nice people..

Comment by niko

I think David said it best.

Comment by Bazza

just serving the internet. Interesting web-page.

Comment by Marcus

How come the people I/we hire have memories like fucking elephants when it comes to circumstances where Andy/George/me humiliate ourselves and yet – when we ask you to remember a simple task, like putting in your expences on time – you all metamorphisis into beings that could put goldsfishes memories to shame?

I guess it means within the DNA of the people we hire is an element known as “Bastard”.

Just my luck …

Comment by Rob

Serving the internet?


You’re spelling like NP, please stop it Marcus.


Comment by Rob

I meant serving.

Comment by Marcus

Accidental mistake? More like subliminal desires.

All you limeys have homosexual fantasies don’t you? Or is it inbreeding and beastiality?

Comment by Billy Whizz

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