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You Feel Better If You’ve Worked For It …
August 25, 2009, 6:45 am
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I love hard work … I could sit and watch it for years.

Now there’s a quote we can all relate to. Or can we?

The reason I bring this up is that recently, a Middle Eastern billionaire bought into one of my local football teams, Notts County.

Now the reason I find this interesting is that Notts County – whilst being the oldest professional club in the World – are shit.

Yes even shitter than my beloved Nottingham Forest.

Hell, they’ve been bumbling along the bottom of the [old] 4th division – beating relegation by the skin of their teeth – year after year and yet, for reasons that still have not been made totally clear, a billionaire has decided to revive their fortunes despite living in a land about as far removed from Nottingham as you can get.

And the long and short of it is that I think it’s great.

In a sport where we’ve seen outrageous levels of investment in many of the so called ‘glamour’ clubs – here is a man who has decided not to take the easy, and obvious, path … but chosen to help a proud and historic club that is down on its luck.

To me, that say’s a lot about the man …

Sure, he’s paying the ol’ Swedish pervert – Sven-Göran Eriksson – 2 million quid a year to ‘oversee’ his investment, has promised additional funds for player acquisition and has said he wants the team in the Championship by their 150th anniversary [3 years from now] but all in all, it seems the goal is to earn the right to be viewed as successful rather than simply buying in at the top level.

In a World where people view success more by what you have rather than what you did to earn it, I find this approach both refreshing and inspiring … and whilst I’m under no illusion that having a billionaire backer and globally renowned football coach makes things easier, it’s still the path of great resistance which is why it seems to me the man behind all this positive turmoil subscribes to the view that nothing feels as great as when you’ve overcome some level of adversity – and I wish more companies adopted this view because in their quest for ‘easier’ profits, they’re potentially missing out on opportunities that could make them truly great.

There’s nothing wrong with making [m/b]illions … but to me, it’s how you made it and what you did with it once you got it … which is why I’m more likely to support the new Notts County patriarch than I am Mr Abranovich or most agency CEO’s for that matter.

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You might think it shows character to buy shit and try to turn them into gold but I say what a fucking idiot.

Comment by Billy Whizz

As a shareholder in a privately-held premiership team, I would concur. But it means that I still won’t see any dividends.

Comment by John

You only like it because it fits in with your “triumph over adversity” medical problem.

When I heard the news I must admit my first reaction was to smile and think “good on him”. Sol Campbell is supposed to be joining them soon, they may get to the premiership before their next door neighbors do. I wonder if you’d still be so happy then Robert? 🙂

Comment by Pete

Your objective view is well thought out and argued Billy. I’m impressed … I can just imagine a similar comment was made by Mr Billionaire’s accountants when he told them his plan.

And Pete – you know me so well. For the record, if County do get to the Premiership before Forest, then you can expect me muttering away to myself saying all sorts of horrible things involving ‘money being the root of football’s demise’.

I hope neither of us get to see that, ha!

Comment by Rob

I remember you once told me you feel a greater sense of achievement when you’ve gone through some pain or sacrifice in your journey. You’re right, I enjoy my job much more knowing I’ll never have to work with Billy ever again. 🙂

You’re in “serious Rob” blog mode this week. It’s good to read.

Comment by Bazza

To be accurate John, I think you are a shareholder in a privately-held, temporary premiership team.

Baz: I’ve never been so insulted in my life. 🙂

Comment by Rob

I don’t think that’s entirely true is it Robert? And if it is, I’m disappointed in Andy. LOL.

Comment by DH

I’m surprised you haven’t used county’s demise as a metaphor for Nottingham. You thought about it didn’t you?

Comment by Danny Fox

I hear that if you get shot or do the shooting you are likely a County fan, but if you sold the gun you are Forest all the way.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Ps. that was a joke

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The best humour is based on truth isn’t it!?

Comment by Rob

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