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Swearing Makes You Popular …
August 20, 2009, 6:07 am
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So recently I was sent a document by a researcher friend of mine that he thought I’d find quite interesting.

As usual, he was right – even though he also demonstrated how flawed research can be.

What am I talking about?

Well, apparently a company was commissioned to find out how marketing presentations could be improved and as part of that study, they wanted to find out who Market Researchers regarded as some of the best presenters out there.

The study asked professionals from 42 countries for their suggestions and they came up with a list consisting of some 114 names … however, and here is the interesting [and flawed] bit … of those 114 names, just 10 were mentioned on numerous occasions.

And who were those 10?

Andy Dexter
Martin Lindstrom
David Smith
Neil McPhee
John Kearon
Paul Marsden
Justin Gibbons
Rob Campbell
Mark Earls
Steve Jobs

Martin Lindstrom?

Yeah, I can understand why he’d be there, just like I can appreciate Mark Earls and Steve Jobs presence on the list … in fact I can see why all of them would be there bar one.


Now I know what you’re thinking … it’s the same as I was thinking … that Rob Campbell can’t be me, but I have it on good authority it is.




Jesus, if ever proof was needed research folk need to get out more, this is it …

Seriously, anyone who has watched me bumble my way through my PSFK presentation will know I am to slick presenting what Jeremy Clarkson is to compassion and understanding … so god forbid, someone in market research land uses that as a blueprint for how to ‘connect’ with an audience.

Now, unlike the other names on the list [and I mean the 114 people, not just the members of the ‘top 10’] I am rather chuffed to be mentioned in the same breath as them – but it all goes to show that not only is research fallible, but a bit of swearing can go a long way, hence my presentation at the SPIKES is going to be called …

“What to do when the fucking fuckers don’t like fucking advertising anyfuckingmore.”

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What a week it’s been for you Robert. First the sunshine mention in that planning review and now this.

My first thought reading this post was “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” then I remembered Bush was voted in for a second term and Taylor Hicks (the grey haired fat Clooney who made Branson look low key) became the American idol so there’s a history of people not knowing what the fuck they’re doing / choosing mediocrity / novelty acts.

Not saying you’re any of these, just pointing out an interesting fact.

Well done Rob but voting for yourself in every survey in adland and writing 800 blogs can’t leave much time for you to do any work. No wonder Andy needs a long holiday, he’s covering your ass all the time and he’s going to want to retire when he reads your latest “news”.

Maybe you should write a pres called “How to pull the fucking wool over their fucking eyes”? 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

Glad you followed my advice Marcus, its only got fucking worse.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I know it’s not the fashion and I will be labelled “auntie” or worse by Billy (though Andy will be very proud of you Mr Whizz), but I think you thoroughly deserve the accolade Robert.

There may be others on the list who are more well known or slick in their presentation style, but I know you stand shoulder to shoulder with them in terms of passion and insight and in many cases, stand even taller where memorability, honesty and breadth of knowledge are concerned.

I know the participants of the survey are market researchers and the purpose of the study was focused elsewhere, but I think it’s great news even if only your Mother and maybe Jill agree with me.

Yes Billy, I ahall go and wash my mouth out with soap immediately and you were right in one area, Andy will need a long rest when he hears this news which will be very soon as I intend to call him and share our dear partners success.

Comment by George

My dear wife has just brought to my attention how often I wrote “I know” in my previous comment.
I apologize for my substandard writing skills but it has been a very long day.

Comment by George

Funny how I’m more comfortable with Billy’s comment than George’s.

Are you after borrowing some money or something George?

(But thank you all the same)

Comment by Rob

I gotta say, Billy is really turning up the venom in Andy’s absence. Impressive.

Congrats Rob!

Comment by Age

I wonder what you will announce tomorrow!

Comment by bhaskar

why are you suddenly using Times New Roman? I find that very disturbing.

Comment by Marcus

I think I might announce I am Salman Rushdie.

No don’t worry, as of tomorrow I am back to my sad trainspotteresque life.

And what do you mean I have started using Times New Roman, Marcus. I haven’t … at least it doesn’t show that on my computer. Hell, even impact is better than TNR!!!

PS: Did you see Bazza’s idea for your revenge? I like it …

Comment by Rob

Is that better?

God knows what happened, it looked fine on my laptop but then the wife asked what the hell I was doing with my shit font choice so I assume something went doolally. What a weird week.

Comment by Rob

Having sat through many marketing presentations, I agree with George, you fully deserve the nod.

For the record Robert, your psfk talk was very good, it might not have been your best, but it was still better than most.

Rather a good week for you isn’t it.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think I took part in that “research” – a short survey linked to from a web community if memory serves. Congrats on having 1% or so of the MR blogosphere vote for you!

I didn’t vote for you – not because I don’t like you but because I have never seen you. Which points to the even bigger flaw – we researchers don’t get out much. And when we do, the quality of event tends to suck. So even an ordinary presenter can stand out as the next Luther King.

And to actually remember who it was we saw present? A barrage of bad language and some dodgy Forest banter would help 🙂

I would say that you are the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, but that would only encourage cock jokes from people

Congratulations, by the way!

Comment by Simon Kendrick

I don’t know if Simon is being kind or sarcastic but I know Andy will find the comment pleasing, especially the bit that states “even an ordinary presenter can stand out as the next Luther King”.

A back handed compliment of the highest order there Simon.

You may claim you have not seen Robert present, but by including the descriptor “a barrage of bad language and some dodgy Forest banter” proves otherwise.

Finally a word for Robert.

I would show Steve your psfk presentation so he could see who his competition is, but I don’t want him being away from the company for another long period of time. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

For the first time in my life I agree with 2″ man. It’s a miracle. For him.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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