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August 19, 2009, 6:12 am
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So I’ve been in HK for about 7 months now and putting aside the issues I’ve written about previously, the country is a great place to live – full of excitement, colour, vibrancy and creative people.

However there’s a few things that I miss and one of those is the difficulty to listen in to other people’s conversations.

OK, so it’s easy if they speak English … even American … but when the majority of the population speak an entirely different language – one I am endeavouring to get a grip on – I know I am missing out on tons of ‘stuff’.

To be honest, this desire to hear other people’s conversations isn’t just because it’s obviously very useful for work, it’s because I’ve always found it very interesting for life.

Whilst the work issue is a major one, having lived/worked in none-English speaking countries for quite a few years, I’ve been able to find ways to help me get around this issue whilst still picking up the subtleties and intricacies of conversation and none-verbal communication … but as this is the first time I’ve lived in a country where English isn’t the main language – and I have little desire to spend all my time hanging around the people who only speak the ‘mother tongue’ – I spend an inordinate amount of time people watching, wishing I could easily understand what it was they were saying, even if in reality they are probably talking about [1] how shit Speidi were on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ or [2] why the freaky 4-eyed white guy is staring at them.

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Comment by Marcus

that’s the first time I’ve been first

Comment by Marcus

and before anyone asks, I’ still up because I’m angry and hunting down an agency that stole my work.

You know, it sucks. I have no money. I’m broke. I live from day to day. I haven’t eaten in two days (I’m not lying). Everything I earn goes to my ex wife and I try to help Eva the best I can.

I try to unleash a bit of intelligent fun out into the web, and I thought that maybe I was good enough at the game to get a job back into the industry. But no. No show. Now way. Nothing.

So I creep back into my little printy shed and think “hey, it’s not so bad, you may not cut the chase, but at least you’ve got a job that keeps your ex-wife at bay”.

And then this happens….

so now, I’m still awake. I’m awake and angry and sad and lost.

Sorry rob. Totally off topic.


Comment by Marcus

Not really worth it was it Marcus. You won’t be making that effort again. LOL.

Were you bored or desperate when you wrote this Rob? This post feels like a filler track on an album, written to pad it all out so the punters think they’re getting value for money.

They’re not and we didn’t.

You really like shit tv don’t you. You might miss hearing other peoples conversations but after this post you can be sure they fucking are glad they can’t hear yours.

When is Andy back?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Even though I understand what Rob is saying because I felt similar when I lived in Shanghai, Billy has identified a much deeper insight from this post. 🙂

@Marcus. It does seem uncomfortably close to your tweet work but aren’t many things a derivative of something that has gone on before?

So they borrowed from your tweet reading idea and you borrowed from alcoholics anonymous meetings and adrian mole books. 😉

As you have the proof they have been following you, they should admit they were inspired by you, if anything they could look good for not having just tapped into their mac.

Hope you get acknowledgement but it’s worth remembering it’s better to lead than follow, even if sometimes the followers make all the money. You should talk to Tesla and ask how he dealt with that thief Marconi. LOL.

Comment by Pete

Yes … OK … so it’s a pretty shitty post.

Apologies. I wish I could say tomorrow’s will be better but I know for a fact it’s going to make you all sick.

I’m just glad Andy’s away [another couple of weeks to answer your question Billy] so the poor bugger doesn’t suffer a heart attack and then tries to get me to cover all his hospital bills.

Yes, it’s going to be that bad.

And Marcus, it is very shitty what they’ve done but – and this is no excuse – it’s happened and happens all the time, and not just in adland.

Obviously you ARE good enough to get a job back in the industry, it’s just sad the industry isn’t good enough to stop being a bunch of scardy cats – which begs the question, do you really want to be a member of a club that demonstrates how small minded they are each and every day?

Anyway, like Pete said, I hope they can give you at the very least, a nod of thanks – and I beg you to not get too downhearted because the shed will one day be a part of your past and you’ll be doing the stuff you do for your job. Which reminds me, where can I buy one of your bloody fancy-pants books from?

Speak soon matey and by all means, stay angry, just use the energy more positively.

[That sounds very Oprahesque. Sorry – I hope you know what I mean. Speak soon matey]

Comment by Rob

Tesla is genius and Serb…. Just saying

Comment by Niko

Morning. I’m a bit embarrassed by that comment. Anyway. I’m still very angry.

Billy – you right, it wasn’t worth it and it want be happening again.

Rob – you’re right too. I don’t want back into the club.

Comment by Marcus

Marcus, if you know the agency who ripped you off, why don’t you start doing stuff from old ads of theirs and then crediting someone else for the inspiration. Let them see how it feels.

I never thought I’d say this, but Billy might be right with his comment about this post. I guess even a fool can be smart once if he tries enough times. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Wasn’t there a horribly hairy rock band called Tesla? I’m sure Robert used to play their noise in the office.

Comment by Bazza

Mah Fan…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

funnily enough, i love being in countries where i can’t understand every word. i can just absorb the more subtle aspects of life. and i can think clearly because i don’t have the constant chatter of PA announcements or conversations starting with ‘i’m just on the train…’ or whatever.

marcus – i’m loving hearing you angry again. the reason sucks, but i do love reading your vitriol.

Comment by lauren

good to see people are keeping campbell in check while im away but when he writes shit like this, its not surprising you lot are turning on the sad bald prick.

i say that with love.

Comment by andy@cynic

How your words encourage us.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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