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For A Miserable Bastard, I’m Quite Happy Today …
August 18, 2009, 6:26 am
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First of all congrats to my dear Freddie who has just joined BBH as one of the big wigs in planning.

It’s brilliant news – and couldn’t be a better match if I married Megan Fox and Angelina.

Of course the real reason he took up their offer is so he can be near our beloved killer dwarf, Emah, again – but what pleases me more is that even though Freddie is an uber-talent, the lovely folk at BBH were able to see past the fact he either wears his pants way too high or frequents office parties like he’s Elton John circa 1977.

Anyway, it’s top news and it makes me stupidly happy – both for Freddie and my mates at the black sheep.

Talking of BBH …

The global planner survey is in and they have been labelled as the agency with the best planning department … closely followed by Crispin, WK, Goodby and Fallon.

I suppose the 2 biggest surprises are that TBWA, Saatchi, DDB and McCann are nowhere to be seen [which is a bit unfair given I know people in all those places who are bloody brilliant] AND that enough planners felt Sunshine was a decent enough planning bunch that the author of the report felt it worthy of giving it a mention.

This makes me very happy … not just because I have bragging rights over my lovely [and stupidly brilliant] boys & girls at cynic but because for a company just under a year old, it’s quite nice to be noticed.

So to whoever said such nice things [excluding my Mum] I thank you and we’ll see what we can do to live up to the praise, because quite frankly, we haven’t done shit yet.

But we will. Oh yes, we will. 🙂

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Just to put your mind at rest Rob, I didn’t vote for Sunshine. I didn’t vote for anyone. Sounds like the most boring survey in the fucking World to to me.

Is there research on which font planners like to type their briefs with? Sounds thrilling.

ps. Well done. I know it’s pretty cool & underneath it all you’re quite good, but Andy & and the guys are still going to shit even though they’ll say to your face it’s good and they’re happy for you and it’s something cynic can bask in as you’re a little piece of the expanding cynic empire. LOL.

Ps. Well done Freddie. Hope it’s not because Singapore Airlines moved to BBH. 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

Slide 2 – “numbers don’t add up”

Comment by John

Billy is right when he say’s we can share the accolade because we all know underneath the optimistic exterior, Sunshine is nothing more than Asian cynic.

So well done to us and well done to Freddie on his move to BBH, though I hope the fit will be more mutually satisfying than the one Megan and Angelina would find being married to Robert.

Comment by George

Andy put you up to that didn’t he Dodds … undermine the cred of the research to undermine my moment of happiness.

Well the report does explain upfront why some of the numbers don’t add up to 100% but as I’ve said many times before about research, as much as it can give ‘clues’ to what’s going on, it is never an all encompassing document of fact, so you can relax in the knowledge I’m not going to suddenly pimp myself up and start acting all Hollywood.


And thank you to both Billy & George for their backhanded compliments. It means so much to have friends like you.

Comment by Rob

congrats to Freddie and to the Sunshine crew… good times.

Comment by Age

Can someone help me, Rob’s head is stuck in the doorway and he has to get to a meeting in 10 minutes.

Comment by DH

And why wouldn’t you thank your Mum for her votes?

Look at you. A bit of acclaim and you become a bastard. Sorry, I meant a bit of acclaim and you become an even bigger bastard.

Comment by DH

Great news, you should declare today a holiday for Sunshine!ha!

Comment by Bhaskar

41 boring slides. Typical.

Well done to all.

Comment by Marcus

Good call Marcus.

Well done Rob.

Comment by Bazza

congrats. or commiserations. whatever’s appropriate here.. i’m never quite sure 🙂

Comment by lauren

Congrats Rob!! It’s a well-deserved mention.

And thanks everyone…especially Rob!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Are we having some celebration bubbly or another of Robert’s diet coke fountains? 🙂

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Congratulations to Fredrik on his new job and to Robert and his team for their moment in the sun. Very pleasing news.

Comment by Lee Hill

Hi Rob and all – just to clarify a couple of points, Sunshine got a vote or three and I’d never heard of you so I thought I’d give a shout out. Got your email and I will point to you on my blog soon. There were 5-10ish mentions for the DDBs and JWTs, but it didn’t put them high up and everyone knows what they are doing. Also, this question was number of total mentions – some people mentioned a few places, some people mentioned none. That’s why it doesn’t add up to 100 – it’s not a percent question.

@Marcus, sure surveys are boring, but when I started this I was able to get a 15% raise by having objective info and not just a vague I want/deserve more. And I receive notes all the time from people who have been able to use the information to help themselves or teach planning students. I also try not to make it all about money by adding in these other interesting opinion polls. Sorry to make your head hurt. 😉

Comment by Heather

Hi Heather, nice to have you pop by and clarify a few points … and don’t worry about the naysayers, they/we are a harmless – if somewhat cynical – bunch. Ha.

Comment by Rob

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