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Reverse Blogging …
July 28, 2009, 6:49 am
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So tomorrow I am going away for a few weeks.

Even though I think having a client wanting to take me to see AC/DC in NYC this Friday should be classed as work, I’ve been informed what I’m actually going to be doing is ‘having a holiday’.

And you know what? That’s fine by me … I/we/you need a break.

So the good news is that after today, I won’t be around till August 10th.

Yes, more than 2 weeks without my stupid blog, facebook, twitter, SMS’s, emails and whatever else I subject you too – even though I admit, if I didn’t have the wife with me, I’d probably sneak in the odd comment because I am a total sad bastard.

But there’s more.

Oh yes.

You see not only will I be away, but so will Andy.

It’s a 2-for-none deal and it is being offered exlusively for you.

[Before any rumours start, I should point out he is not going to be with me. Are you insane???]

So as this is the last post for a while, I thought I’d do something a bit different – something that basically [1] shows how brilliant you all are and [2] lets me get a taste of the horror I put you through every weekday.


Anyway, a few days ago I was going through a file of photos I have that are intended for future blog rants.

The thing is, in some cases, I can’t remember for the life of me what I had intended to write about … and then came an idea, get YOU to write about it.

So here’s the challenge …

Below is a photo of a Chloe shopping bag.

[For those who don’t know who Chloe are and what they do – be very grateful – however as that is actually an integral part of what I am about to ask you to do, just know they make bloody expensive handbags – which is what was contained in this bag – amongst other things]

What I’d like you to do is write a post about it. Not about the photo per se, but a marketing issue that you think the photo encapsulates – either directly or indirectly.

For example … it could be about the power and importance of packaging.

Or the role fashion plays in society.

Or ideas how Chloe should/could counteract piracy.

Or why people happily embrace pirated products – to the point they brag about the fact they own a fake, which if you think about it, is pretty weird.

If you have your own blog, what I’d like you to do is write your post there [including photo] then post the link on here so we can all check it out.

If you don’t have your own ranting page – then I suggest you get one, ha. Nah … if you are not in possession of an ego the size of Ben Nevis and still want to take part, then simply write your ‘post’ in the comments section below.

[Maybe this could coin a social media evolution, social dictatorship perhaps?]

There’s 3 reasons why I’d like to do this experiment …

1/ I always think in adland, it’s useful to be able to make semi-intelligent commentary about anything that’s thrown at you.

[If you need ‘tips’ how to do this without making a complete fool of yourself, go here]

2/ As I said, Andy’s away for a few weeks so there’s a chance it can be done without turning into total farce or collapsing into complete anarchy.

3/ I haven’t written a proper post for today as I have stuff to finish off before Wed.

In all seriousness, I’d be really interested to see what marketing/advertising issues the photo brings up in your mind and if enough of you take me up on this challenge, then maybe we could make it a regular feature or part of the A[P]SOTW.

Right, I guess I’ll have to wait and see what you come up with … or whether any of you can be arsed to do it … so until the 10th, toodle-pip.

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a bunch of fucking pensioners with a guitarist that looks like he should be on the sex offender registry?

fuck fake beaches and helter fucking skelters, that is a level of sad fuck nottingham council could only dream about being.

i particulary like how you think this means a client (lee) likes you. if he fucking liked you hed of taken you to see your beloved shit queen when they went on their pension raising tour with fake freddie but no, its acdc which means the real story is he got some free tickets, didnt want to go, knew george and me would rather eat our fucking shit than sit through 2 hours surrounded with nottingham beach visitor types, couldnt convince hobos to take them then remembered mr sad and knew he had a home for them.

thats not like campbell, its face saving convenience.

but the really big news is that im going away for a bit and i am, away from acdc and queen fans, wannabe landor consultants and fake beach lovers. and planners. dont forget the fucking planners.

when you hear that merry band of weird fucks, do you blame me? i have standards you know.

this place has become the equivalent of where the 2 dollar crack whores hang which is why ill be back because as much as i hate having to endure campbells attempts at being clever, the people who write their shit on here are much more interesting than on the other blog streets. just slightly less interesting than me.

though youre probably riddled with warts and shit so i only want to talk with you, i wouldnt want to shake your hand or anything. unless your hot obviously.

and female. sorry dodds.

enough of this shit, i have a life to have. see you suckers and try not to get arrested this time campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Even though your rants of late [especially the one you made about Lauren’s pro-Landor stance] have made me chuckle, to quote some old dude, me thinks you protesth too much dear Andy.

Yes, I know you hate AC/DC … but after George’s invite to meet El Presidente and my golden rocker freebie, I know you’d accept an offer to clean Tori Spelling’s toilet with your tongue if it meant you were invited to do something George and I weren’t.

And to think I’m the only one one of us who is an only child. 🙂

Now enough of this – will you be writing a marketing issue to do with the Chloe bag before you go or will you just be one of the old grumpy men from the Muppets shouting barbs at whoever takes part?

Yeah … thought so … OK, see you and your insults when I/you are back.

Have a wonderful time matey …

[That’s what decent human behaviour looks like]

Comment by Rob

Haha! Andy, Hire me. Please. You will be by far the best boss I ever had. Pinky swear,scouts honour!

Comment by Akshay

I’m *SO* looking forward to Rob’s holiday… ha ha ha ha

Chloe bag? Chloe bag?! I think product research may be in order…. Shall get your credit card details from Connie.. thanks Boss! have a good one…

Comment by Kaj

Bless poor, deluded Akshay … he thinks Andy would be a good boss. To a planner. Hahahaha!

And Kaj, do you think I’m stupid enough to let Connie have my cards?

Mind you – and I’m not joking – I’ve just had a European holiday charged on to one of my cards that I didn’t book. ANNNNNND Connie has just come back from a weeks break. The bitch …

Comment by Rob

have a great time all of you. i can’t be arsed writing a blog about that bag – i’ve got far less interesting things to post about. and now that i’m sucking landor’s cock for a living, i’ll have to visit less anyway.


Comment by lauren

You’re really not happy at the mo are you sweets?

Hope it picks up very, very soon.

As for sucking Landor’s cock [there’s a phrase they won’t hear everyday] at least we know – thanks to a comment you made a while back – you’re not doing it expecting it to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

I think that might possibly be the most offensive sentence I’ve ever written in my life.

And to the man at the big global computer chip manufacturer who I have been told has been ‘recommended’ to this blog, I assure you this is not how I really am – it’s the rude and crude Aussie women that make me like this, I’m as sweet as sweet can be.

Comment by Rob

I’d go see ACDC, grasping at youth is my speciality

Comment by northern

Thank you NP, but I don’t think that’s going to make Andy think he has been wrong all these years … quite the opposite infact.

You good? You’ve not been around for a while. Don’t mean on here – just in general – is D Day [Daddy Day] causing the jitters?

Anyway I’m off now – so all the best to whoever is arsed to come here and whilst I fully expect no one to take on my challenge, I won’t deny it would be interesting if they did.

God I am sooooo bad at appearing chilled aren’t I!


Comment by Rob

Have a good time!I’ll post up my entry soon. Hmmm think entry is the wrong word unless your giving away prizes? Winner gets the contents of the bag 😉

Comment by Shib

Given you will be the only one who does it, you’re guaranteed the prize … but what you’ll do with 3 paper clips and an elastic band is anyones guess!

Comment by Rob

rob, i’ve been scorned. and you know what that means.

and to “the man at the big global computer chip manufacturer has been ‘recommended’ to this blog, what rob says is true. i’m the one with the fucking foul mouth and the nasty attitude – he’s nice as pie. all the time. he just puts up with it.


Comment by lauren

PS – have a great trip.

Comment by lauren

Andy will never think he is wrong about anything.
Baby jitters are fine, workload not.
Have a good trip!

Comment by northern

musings of opinionated Enfatico

has a nice ring to it 🙂

Can’t wait to see THAT new logo at the top of the blog

Have a great holiday, both you and grizzly Adams..

Comment by niko

To be fair to Andy, Northern, I think he would admit he was wrong starting a company with 2 planners but then I think the 2 planners would think they were wrong starting a company with Andy. 🙂

Have a great break, see you Friday, I need your shoulders to sit on. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Finally we will have some peace around here.

Comment by George

we could play “what’s in the bag”.

Good bye. Till then.

Comment by Marcus

Toodle-Pip? If I said that to someone in Hooterville, they would drag me behind the tavern and beat the crap out of me. I want to live in a civilized country like you do!! Have fine time…I’ll be gone till Aug 15th! I’ll miss reading your good stuff!!

Comment by adchick

Hope you’re feeling better!

Ok, so this wasn’t entirely inspired by the photo, but it’s something I was thinking about which seemed to fit and I was feeling brave so here you go…

Comment by Cat

You can tell Cat is new around here, no one else would be so kind/generous to take up my challenge.

Good post Cat, thanks tons …

Comment by Rob

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