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Would The Average Creative In Adland Use Meccano To Create An Ad Or Something Bigger?
July 23, 2009, 3:21 pm
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When I spoke at the PSFK thingy last year, I mentioned a quote that basically said we never hear authors or artists refer to themselves as ‘creatives’ … the only people who openly define themselves that way tend to be folk who work in advertising.

Now that sounds pretty harsh but in a time where adland happily talks about their ability to create ‘ideas’ [which amazingly tend to always turn out as a traditional kind of ad], Marcus has pointed me to a couple of average guys who – as a byproduct of their curiosity and ingenuity – have inadvertently made a complete fool out of the majority of big talking, big spending ad fraternity.

I think what they have done is brilliant.

Not just because it is, but because it may force the industry that pays my mortgage and – believe it or not – I still love, realise that talk is cheap and if we all really want to get back where we belong, we need to start embracing ideas that create change, not just create ads.

Good work guys, not as good as a biscuit mug, but good all the same. 😉

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Isn’t that just brilliant?

Comment by Marcus

You should employ them sharpish.

Comment by Marcus

How did I know you’d say that!

Comment by Rob


Comment by Rob

because it is the right thing to do.

Comment by Marcus

They seem to be producing sneakers quicker than Jill.

Comment by John

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