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If You Want Our Loyalty, Then Do Something To Deserve It …
July 22, 2009, 6:14 am
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I’m going to write a big post about this soon – with special mention for supposed people-friendly companies, HP and IKEA – but till then, have a look at this novel approach to customer complaints.

United are an absolutely terrible airline – even worse than Cathay Pacific – which is why one of my favourite websites is, a site created years ago by a disgruntled United passenger who decided bad publicity was the best form of revenge. And you know what, it seems he was right because not only has the site uncovered all manner of scandalous internal behaviour but it is also credited with losing UA millions of dollars in business.

The amazing thing is that UA carry on regardless – which is why companies need to understand that they are the reason why people regard ‘promises of care’ as nothing more than more marketing horseshit.

It’s not hard to win people over … sure product and price are critical factors … but if you simply practice what you preach and take some responsibility when/if things go wrong, you’d be amazed the difference it can have in terms of loyalty.

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good point rob and united are a bunch of total fuckwits but after hearing this band of sad cuntry&western rejects, i think id want to break their necks as well. and im not talking the ones on their fucking guitars. they got off lightly.

why does the singer look remarkably like luke wilson and what the fuck is with the mexican pisstake during that sorry as shit chorus? the fucking wiggles are more rock n roll than this lot. but they piss all over keith urban intersection.

oi lee. big pr opp here. get on with it and then ill send over our invoice for another awesome inspiring idea, lol.

Comment by andy@cynic

The sort of nice, thought-out, calm response we have come to expect of you Andy.

And yes Lee, what about some added fame for the price of a couple of Taylor guitars. I know ‘a man’ who can get you some for cheap. Well, cheaper than going down Tottenham Court Road.

PS: I love the ‘Keith Urban Intersection’ name – I hope US magazine start calling him that, he can take it, he’s married to Ms Fake, Kidman.

Comment by Rob

Companies need to remember customer service isn’t a term it’s a behaviour and attitude.

Comment by Pete

I like that Pete …

Customer service seems to have become like many companies HR Departments. Rather than assist one of the companies most important and influential assets/relationships in terms of managing/developing satisfaction, productivity and progress … their job seems to now be protect management from having to face responsibilities and realities.

Not all. But quite a bloody few.

Comment by Rob

just on ‘customer service- i love the fact that the transport version of the stasi here wear big, blue, woolen overcoats with CONNEX CUSTOMER SERVICE embroidered on them. nothing says ‘service’ like shoulder pads, a badge and a fine.

anyway, i too wanted to vomit by the end of that guitar dirge, and it convinced me that bad country is worse than over-used autotone any day. but, from an ooh-united-are-gonna-hate-that point of view, i loved it.

that untied site is pretty fuckin’ awesome, but. does that VP still work there? or did she try to get a job writing for the travel section of the london lite? the response from the chicago office was perfect.

and lee – what andy said. except you’ll probably have to invoice him. but it is an awesome PR op. unless of course it’s been generated by you guys in the first place. which would be awesome PR forethought. which of course would have come from cynic anyway. right?

ok, i’m done.

Comment by lauren

Yes Lauren, the idea came out from cynic’s proprietary tool called “devious bastards” …


Comment by Rob

proprietary tool – is that andy’s new title?

Comment by lauren

As if you haven’t crushed him enough Lauren.

But it’s a good one …

Comment by Rob

Not such a great PR opportunity because this all happened a year ago.

Comment by John

I notice no mention of the VA complaint letter that is currently doing the rounds… 😉

But I agree its a terrible song with a good idea behind it. United appear to be a good example of how a few half hearted management measures are not the same as making something part of your internal culture.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

andy? crushed by me? not possible.

Comment by lauren

Well I’m assuming Lee is busy buying Taylor guitars to aid one of their pretend competitors before tackling any other issues he may have.

Saying that, compared to the airline that allegedly destroyed a brand new plane because they didn’t – mad but true – read the flight manual properly, United are sitting pretty which is probably why they don’t do a thing to change their perception with the average air passenger.

Anyway where was I?

God knows … but it was fun. Ta-ra.

Comment by Rob

By you in a JCB then …

Comment by Rob

Yes John, but given United only responded this month, it’s still something that can be exploited. Not only that, but given adland happily exploits things from all decades, centuries and millenium … this would be regarded as uber-relevant even if it was last year.

Comment by Rob

now i know why laurens fucking single.

youre fucking funny my tatt dream destroyer but unlike the fairer sex, you never hear men talk about wanting a bird with a sense of humor. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

i can hate on myself much worse than that andy, so you gotta try harder sweet heart. 😉

Comment by lauren

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