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Speed Can Be A Competitive Advantage …
July 15, 2009, 6:02 am
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So I recently went into my local HMV.

As I walked in, I was literally bombarded with Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Not re-issues of his old albums … I’m talking books, CD’s and DVD’s dedicated to his life.

In other words, NEW STUFF.

Now given MJ died on the 25th June – that means they’ve been able to create [or should I say ‘compile’] produce and distribute a range of merchandise in less than 3 weeks.


Now I appreciate compiling/sourcing material for MJ is easier than creating something totally new – but given many brands take months/years/decades to develop products that for all intents and purposes are micro innovations on what has gone before, it might be time for corporations to acknowledge that in some circumstances, their process and research reliance is costing them money rather than making them more efficient and effective.

As I said before, brands can learn a lot about from bands, even if it’s an alleged kiddy-fiddling, multi-shaded, gender switching freak like Mr Jackson.

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1 build a super fucking successful brand.

2 few years later, associate the brand with some unsavoury shit and get the ceo to ramble wank at interviews.

3 slowly start changing the shade of the packaging but deny it before finally admitting it and blaming it on a weird print machine bug.

4 stop production for a while.

5 get the ceo to say some more stupid shit.

6 announce the production machines will be fired up for one last thrill.

7 just before launch,smash up the production machines and announce its not coming back at any fucking price.

8 put out more tat than at a gypsy fair and sit back and count the fucking cash.

Comment by andy@cynic

9 Repeat with sub-brands?

Comment by john

You forgot point 5.5:

Go in debt as your past success feeds an ego your balance sheet can’t keep up with.

Comment by Rob

Wasn’t point 2 just an attempt to enter the youth market?

Comment by john

Well allegedly, he managed to do that quite well. At least on 2 occasions.

Comment by Rob

Away from the hilarity of the comments, you make a valid point. Research and process management are important factors within business but in a fear driven corporation they can also cause commercial paralysis.

We believe that sometimes the best course of action is to adopt a “screw it, let’s do it” mentality and it would appear the corporations with a vested interest in the Michael Jackson brand feel the same way.

Comment by Lee Hill

Look at Lee keeping everything sensible. Love him.

Build on Andy’s #3: packaging falls apart when you prod your finger on it. Leaves a big hole where a cardboard flap used to live.

Comment by Billy Whizz

“Build on Andy’s #3”

Build????? BUILD?????

Oh my god Billy, you’ve become one of them!!!

Comment by Rob

WARNING: Not for use by children under 12 years of age. Contains small parts which may be a choking hazard.

Comment by Age

Hold on a second, he WAS a sub-brand at the start wasn’t he?
The Frasier of music (except I liked Frasier)

Comment by northern

Wonder what Gary Glitter’s management is thinking?

it is a recession after all.

Comment by niko

Kill him?

Comment by northern


I was thinking along the lines of filling Wembley for the next 50 weeks…yours could be interesting as well.

at least from carbon offsett point of view.

Comment by niko

Maybe if Sir Martin topped himself/heart attack, clients around the World would suddenly drop their existing agency relationships and flock to his WPP empire.

Good for profits and shareholders … not so good for Sir Martin, but hey, we know how he doesn’t mind wielding the axe so I’m sure he would be alright with it.


Comment by Rob

But he’s dead inside already

Comment by northern

Even easier to sell the concept to him then …

Comment by Rob

Dear WPP Lawyers.

Please note my comment about Sir Martin was a frivolous suggestion, not a command for someone to do harm to him. In no way would I ever want to see our little friend come to any unwanted or unwarranted demise.

Not sure in NP can claim that though.

Thank you.

Comment by Rob

was micheal jackson more successful when he was black, white or dead?

what about when he was a man, woman or kiddy fiddler?

why do i want to know? i don’t. who the fuck cares apart from the fuckers doing vulture impressions on his estate so they can buy another fucking xk8 they dont need, wont use and will slag off to their other blood sucking mates. this post has bored me to fucking tears. like they always do.

will tomorrow be another pile of blithering shite wrapped up in the flimsiest of advertising associated wrapping paper?

wrist slittingly, yes.

apart from this shit, im feeling good. till tomorrow morning when campbell subjects me to this pain all over again. the bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

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