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Forget Candid Camera, This Is Prank Telly On Steroids …
July 6, 2009, 6:16 am
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I’ve written a lot about my love of the Japanese … and whilst they are a very polite and respectful culture, their devious behaviour could make a man in a gimp mask look positively tame.

Because it’s Monday and I’m sure you’re all depressed as farts, I thought this compendium of ‘evil genius’ would make you smile, however rather than clicking ‘go’, could I ask you WAIT TILL THE WHOLE CLIP’S LOADED AND THEN GO STRAIGHT TO 4 MINS 1 SEC because quite frankly, it’s the greatest bastard stunt I’ve seen in a long time.

With creative brains like that, it makes me wonder why the hell they rely on celebratory shit so much.

Enjoy … even if it will change the way you go to the loo forever more.

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So you spend your weekends browsing youtube? That explains a lot.

Comment by john

fucking evil bastard genius, but have you seen their ‘torture in the library’ gameshow? its fucking vindictive brilliance and the sort of thing international terrorists and corporate managers should watch for fresh inspiration.

whod of thought a whole fucking country could have small man disease but as long as they use it for social humiliation rather than evil ill keep buying their shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy that show is GOLD!
Library Torture Show:

Comment by Age

gold? more like gold frankincense and fucking myrrh.

Comment by andy@cynic

Once I had a Japanese boss and he lent me his notebook in Tokyo to check my email at the agency we were working for. Well to this day I don’t know if that schoolgirl stuff was kinky or pervert. I suppose I could always ask him!

Comment by Charles

How good is that library gameshow?

Of course it’s basically just schoolboy humour but I would suggest the reason why this sort of show is sooooooooo popular in Japan [like Mr Bean type ‘humour’ is in China] is because it also taps into the cultural ‘social’ constraints inherent within that country so when someone watches a fellow countryman ‘breaking those social rules’, it is found amusing for more reasons than just the ridiculousness of the activity/situation.

Not saying that’s the only reason, but I think the fact the Japanese/Chinese cultures have such strong ‘rules’ as to how to behave in public, the underlying humour is more inline with breaking these rules than the fact the thing is independently funny.

I’m repeating myself and still not making my hypothesis very clear am I. Pah … I’m never very good on Monday mornings, ha!

Comment by Rob

Given you are first to comment on this post John, I would say this shows what you did this weekend. That, and using a jar of Vaseline.

Comment by Rob

I’m just glad you didn’t see these clips when I still worked for you.

Comment by Bazza

That’s funny, because we’re disappointed. 🙂

Comment by Rob

as weird as the toilet skiing is, i’m in love with the library torture show.. oh my god, it’s awesome.

Comment by lauren

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