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Today Is A Holiday …
July 1, 2009, 7:12 am
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I have no reason why, but I’m not complaining – and neither should you, because I’ve run out of pre-written blog posts which means you don’t have to be subjected to more of my bollocks for the next 24 hours.

So while you’re all pretending to be hard at work, I’m going to be [1] playing XBox/Nintendo/PSP [2] watching the new ‘best of’ Jerry Springer collection I bought [3] wondering why Transformers 2 [exclusing Megan] was totally and utterly shit [4] eating absolute shite and [5] doing all I can to avoid a certain wife/cat/billionaire who I think/know/fear isn’t very happy with me.

So have a top day – I know I will.

PS: If you’re wondering what the hell this post has to do with that photo, the answer is ‘nothing’ … I was just going through some computer files and found it and thought it was the most flattering image of me ever.

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asia used to be the hardest working place on earth. churning out millions of nikes, guess jeans and fake lvs everyfuckingday. then you turned up.

public holiday? you just had a fucking public holiday? i really should look into this shit before allowing you to go move and set up new things.

you might be the wests lasts fucking hope to stop asia leaving them totally in the economic fucking dust.

go and play youre childish fucking games then call, want to talk office twister.

Comment by andy@cynic

I quite like the image of you I have in my head “wondering why Transformers 2 was totally and utterly so shite”. You’re sitting in your lounge room in complete silence sitting like…

Comment by Age

Your photo reminds me of the folk we see in the outskirts of Hooterville! Yikes! Across the sea, you’re supposed to be much more cosmopolitan than this, aren’t you?? 🙂

Comment by adchick

What is exclusing Megan, sounds incredibly rude, hope it is

Comment by northern

I think the BBC film review of Transformers 2 said it ALL.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Given I was of the belief all American’s thought Brits had bad teeth, I’m quite surprised Adchick feels I could be a resident of the Hooterville gypsies rather than the shining example of British dentistry that I obviously am.

And NP shows what a top notch planner he is by realising that “exclusing” isn’t an example of my poor education but a word that perfectly describes the majesty of Megan Fox and the shine she adds to anything – even Transformers 2, which is about as disappointing as if I was told Monica Bellucci wears a Wonderbra and really answers to the name Derek.

Hope you’re all well – after a morning doing points 1-5 as detailed above, I’ve just spent 4 hours having a delicious lunch with the wife and a friend, sat in a beautiful restaurant on the sea, with stunning views and glorious sun and amazingly no pollution.

Of course that’s because Jill and I somehow managed to blag getting into a place where the uber, uber-rich live which means their sea is bottled Evian, pollution is banned and all views are Meganesque wonderful.

You’ll all be happy to know I’m now back where I belong … though according to some people who shall remain nameless, that’s still more than they think I deserve.

Comment by Rob

how does jill feel about megan fox, considering that there’s been a lot of meganisms on here lately… i’m just sayin’.

oh, and while you were enjoying your extra long lunch and utopian vista, i was slaving over accounts figures for the month of june and the end of the financial year. it was a great day. you know, just to put things in perspective 😀

Comment by lauren

Jill is fine with it … mainly because she knows she married a sad, old bastard and these are just the things we think/talk about because if she so much as looked in my direction, I’d run away in awe/fear.

You think I’m joking? I wish I was and Jill has the evidence of a previous encounter I had with someone to prove it, ha!

Oh and you also have the accolade of ruining my day off by reminding me it’s end of year in Oz, which means I have to organise ANOTHER set of bloody taxes which means ANOTHER bloody bill for a country I don’t bloody live in.


Comment by Rob

whinge whinge.


Comment by lauren

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