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A Hotel For Arnie …
June 30, 2009, 6:33 am
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So a while back I wrote about how hotels should do a deal with Weight Watchers and basically offer people who travel a lot, a menu that guarantees they will eat more healthily, even if they’re desperate for the slob option.

Well it seems that one hotel in Guangzhou has taken this idea to an extreme because not only are they offering a gym, but bodybuilding.

Have to say, when I was there – all I saw were a bunch of people smoking their lungs out – and whilst I acknowledge they have taken their facilities much further than the average hotel, given the actual room was one of the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced [and I’m including jail cells in England, France and Spain in that] I think they have got their priorities slightly wrong.

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i fucking love how you are giving the impression youre mr healthy just because you dont smoke.

listen campbell, just because you dont blog about the fucking hotel burgers you shove down your rancid gob anymore doesnt mean youre not scoffing them at fucking will.

sure you might not of eaten one in dog meat china but thats still your version of bodybuilding.

youre from nottingham, you have no fucking right to be a snobby twat, its the gz of the west. lol.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t worry Andy, where [your definition of] body building is concerned, you’ll always be #1.

And as for calling me a snobby twat …

This from a man who once sent FIVE coffees back at a cafe in fucking Rome for not being ‘hot enough’. If I’m a snobby twat [which seems implausable given my Nottingham heritage] you’re a Princess wanker. Deal? 🙂

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

Rob, you’ve been locked up in England, France and Spain? Badass!!

Comment by Age

he was charged for owning a face that was a deadly weapon, they should of thrown away the fucking key.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dear Andy,

For my response to your comment, please look up 3 comments from this. Thank you.


Comment by Rob

One of my young colleagues is heading to Guangzhou next month. Would you be so kind to furnish me with the name and address of this interesting establishment. Thank you Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

You want him/her to resign?

Comment by Rob

The economy must be bad if it has affected your standard of hotel luxury. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

five? like one after another? um… that reads a bit sophisticated lol i can only imagine that was not about the coffee…

jail cells in three countries. don t they have bodybuilding facilities in prisons, too. you sure it was a hotel you stayed in 😉

Comment by peggy

campbells ass before prison: .

campbells ass after prison: O

Comment by andy@cynic

i guess you are suggesting that rob gained weight in prison, andy : ) now maybe jails should offer more healthy food, too. unless the gained weight was due to bodybuilding lol

Comment by peggy

he not fucking oprah, his ass isnt going to go to double decker standard just because of some kebabs and donut, not unless bubba is feeding it to him via his most insightful body part

Comment by andy@cynic

bodybuilding hey. given the state of china’s female swimmers a while back, does your hotel stay include a free serve of anabolic steroids? weight gain you can be proud of 😀

Comment by lauren

I’ve mentioned this before but there’s a catcher and a pitcher in prison (and all other homosexual) sex. I can’t help but wonder why all gay jests assume that everyone is a catcher. Freudian/Latent anyone?

Comment by charles

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