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The Youtube Ad Agency …
June 4, 2009, 6:47 am
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I’m speaking at the Music Matters conference today.

Quite why they asked me – a bloke who likes Queen, has the fashion sense of a 3 year old kid and loathes 99% of all the music produced today – to speak at a global record company event is beyond me, but as I’m going to try and get as many song titles as I can in my little section, at least I’ll be having some fun.

Anyway, have a look at this …

Sure, they nicked the idea off from a BBC show from a few years back [which for the life of me I cannot find anymore, but it was basically a faked 1970’s science show that allowed people to trick their friends into believing they could read the scientists mind by secretly clicking on specific areas of the Youtube screen where each related to a specific answer], but congrats to Boone Oakley for using Youtube in a more interesting way than just to put your fucking television ads or ‘campaign teasers’ on.

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novel website but fucking good for pr which is the opposite of what the record companies will be getting by having you at their coke snorting bash.

what the fuck do they want you there for? i knew they were in the shit but they must be near fucking despair if theyre openly mingling with you.

what are you going to talk about? how queen and bangkok fucking shakes albums can save the industry? fuck me you are arent you.

something tells me shares in emi will nosedive later today.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you big in japan?

Comment by John

im fucking massive in my pants if you really want to know you perverted fuck

Comment by andy@cynic

dont get excited dodds, you dont make me that way its a natural curse ive been forced to live with.

Comment by andy@cynic

That is really really cool.

Rob – please try and work the classic “Fat Bottomed Girls” into your pres. Extra points for including “They Make The Rocking World Go Round”.

Comment by Ben

what about its raining men by the fucking weather girls? go on campbell, man or fucking gay boy mouse?

Comment by andy@cynic

that is an awesome site. nice tone and yes, excellent use of youtube. for the first time ever.

rob, good luck today. perhaps you’re there to show the kids that it’s just as important to know what you don’t like, as it is what you do.
either that, or i would keep the terence trent d’arby thing on the DL – maybe they think you’re the campbell from RKCR…

Comment by lauren

I wanted to catch up with you after your starring role at MM but you seemed to have disappeared. I found your blog and wanted to say how great it was hearing you talk today. Its so refreshing to hear someone tell it as it is and I would welcome the opportunity to catch up and talk in more detail. I’m based in Tokyo so please let me know if you’re ever near and I’ll try and find your number/email to make more direct contact.

Your Ashton Kushter barb was brilliant by the way.

Comment by Adam Hill

So that’s what Billy looks like.

Comment by John

Smooth operator?

I look forward to seeing how many songs you can fit in though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Get a room Mr. Hill.

Comment by John

dont tell me campbell has a fucking groupie. even the thought of it makes me sick.

so campbell, what was the fucking song total or did you chicken out like an italian soldier? (sorry mrs c)

Comment by andy@cynic

the gold standard for namechecking shit creatively

enjoy and have a great weekend all

Comment by niko

I think I got about 11 song titles in … of which the lyrics to the Pistols “Friggin’ in the riggin'” got me a $500 fine because there was a $100 per swear word charge, ha!

Adam – I don’t know where you were because I was at the conference all day but I’ve got your email off the post and will contact you directly with my details. Glad you liked what I had to say even though I’m not sure what it is I actually talked about, ha!

Comment by Rob

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