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What Does It Say About Adland …
May 26, 2009, 8:41 am
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… when one of TBWA’s most senior global guys [like in the top 3] stops me in the street and asks if he can borrow HK$200?.

HK$200! That’s like one pound 37 pence in real money. What’s going on???

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it says…

1 you need to improve your name dropping. it used to be branson, gore and geldof now youve reached the depths of talking about some faceless ad exec who had something to do with that go bollocks.

2 it shows that to become a big swinging cock in a big swinging network you have to have the skills to extract every fucking penny from anyone and anything. (you know hell only return $60 because of his agency fee and prod costs)

3 it shows theres one born every fucking minute.

any other questions you want my counsel on?

while youre at it can you lend me $20k because my sisters friends cats mother needs an urgent operation or shell only have 2 legs and theres no one else i can ask for help. just put the cash straight into my account. thanks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sadly you’re right on point 1 … but given I’ve just had an envelope sent to me with HK$200 in it, I guess we’re dealing with a senior ad exec that does indeed repay his debts in full.

He is an embarassment to the profession, ha!

Comment by Rob

Isn’t sending the fucking money back more expensive than the amount you borrowed him? See, that’s why clients think we can’t handle their budgets well.

Comment by Seb

Seb, are you drunk?

What do you mean???

Comment by Rob

I’m talking about the postage.
Isn’t the postage nearly as much as what you borrowed him? Or did he send the envelope back with a pigeon?

Comment by Seb

Errrrm no, he’s in the same building as us so he got one of his underlings to deliver it for absolutely no cost at all.

And don’t go all ‘time in motion’ on me, they’re literally a few floors away from us in the lift. Though obviously, we’re above them, hahaha!

Comment by Robert

Ah okay. So he doesn’t like you then, huh? Sending someone else to deliver the 200. Ha. What a day for an intern. “Hey, bring that HK$200 to that guy upstairs and on your way back bring me some coffee with milk and sugar, will you darling?!”

Comment by Seb

why do you automatically assume the intern was a she seb, you sexist motherfucker. anyway it could be worse, the poor fuck might of been told to hand campbell the cash to his face. can you imagine the horror he or she would of had. nightmares for a week. at least.

Comment by andy@cynic

or maybe im being a sexist prick and assuming the important fuck from tbwa is a man. fuck this pc shit is complicated since women got the vote.

Comment by andy@cynic

this is funny : )

Comment by peggy

and then you go and assume that the tbwa is a human at all – you’re so specist andy! fuckin’ hell – how many times do i have to tell you…

Comment by lauren

Really important people don’t carry cash.

Comment by northern

I’m always skint.
So I don’t carry cash with me.
That must mean I’m important.
NP you made my day.

Comment by Seb

Sadly I always carry cash with me [which sounds grand given its normally the equivilent of 4 quid max!] which means I am forever destined to be a humble servant.

But then I am from Nottingham!

Comment by Rob

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