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Everything Should Come With Instructions …
May 25, 2009, 6:05 am
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Bang goes my argument that adland should stop treating people like idiots.

Talking of idiots, have a look at this clip Age sent me …

And what is the valuable lesson these two examples demonstrate to all planners?

NEVER assume.

Yes that means you might have to do a bit more work … and yes that may result in you simply clarifying what you’ve always known … however trust me, that’s a million times better than going into something with all guns blazing only to find out the person you’re really shooting, is yourself. In the foot.

Oh, and another word of advice.

If you do end up finding out that nothing has changed interms of the masses attitude and/or behaviour … don’t make a big song and dance about it, because ‘normal people’ will simply look at you and go, “We already knew that you bloody idiot.”

Research companies and certain planners in multinational agencies, take note! 🙂

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fuck me this post actually made me laugh and has a “lesson” that isnt too fucking contrived or pointless.

are you feeling ill?

Comment by andy@cynic

The photo is very disturbing, especially on a Sunday night but the clip is wonderful as is your reminder about never presuming. Timely too given the events of the weekend.

Comment by Pete

Hang on, are you calling me an idiot?! hehe.

Nice lesson, Rob. I was wondering how/if you’d use that clip 😉

Comment by Age

nice little post rob. with a lesson and it made me giggle too… though, i can only assume it s a guy wearing the bikini top (on the right of the pic). that s why the kid is staring at him right : )

Comment by peggy

didnt you realise campbell is a fucking olympic gold medal winner for post rationalisation age?

Comment by andy@cynic

No idea what the score is but mildly relieved you’re not refering to armchair planners like myself.

Comment by charles

I didn’t know you were so religious Pete.

Blame Age … if only for the fact I have too many people blaming me for stuff and need to spread it out abit, ha!

And Peggy, you are quite scary sometimes aren’t you, hahaha!

Comment by Rob


Comment by Lee Hill

Are you referring to the woman in the bathing suit or the post?

Comment by Rob

Interesting. Now could we go off-topic as usual, please?

Comment by Seb

Hello Seb … how the hell are you? Hope all is toptastic with you and you’re settling into the new thing – unless you’ve not started yet, which means I hope you’re exploiting the last few weeks!

Comment by Rob

Well, nothing new yet. Looking for a flat which seems to be more of a problem nowadays as I thought it would. Today we’ll hear if we will get the flat we wanted. My last day here is June 10th and until then it’s Google and that brand with the swoosh.

Comment by Seb

June 10th? That’s 2 days before my birthday.

Was that a subtle enough hint for the creative mind???

Comment by Rob

Your birthday?
That’s two days after m birthday.

Subtle enough for a planner?

Comment by Seb

And that’s the exact day of Will’s birthday.
As well. Subtle, again.

Comment by Seb

Aren’t you assuming the guy isn’t post rationalising?

Comment by John

tiddas!!! that sista-girl is awesome!!
and i’ve seen that clip before, but it still made me laugh.

Comment by lauren

birthday? celebrate? i didnt realise you had such a sense of fucking humour.

and dont worry rob, it doesnt look desperate bigging up your birthday at all. its almost sweet to see nothings changed from hhcl days and at least now when you whore yourself you cant get a written warning for it.

Comment by andy@cynic

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