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If The Definition Of Stupidity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting A Different Result …
May 21, 2009, 6:36 am
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… so with that in mind, what does it say about WPP that they’ve gone and done something very similar to their corporate car crash, Enfactico, for LG Electronics?

One word answers please.

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george parkers post on this is way fucking better.

Comment by andy@cynic

one word? like one word equity?


Comment by peggy

actually, i would like to add wireandplasticproducts

ps: why is that man pointing at me?

Comment by peggy

who IS that man? he has very neat hair.

Comment by Age

What I love about this blog is that all the comments on George Parkers post (which is the same as this because for some reason you felt it wise to hand it over!) are discussing the merits of WPP business policy and citing positive and negative examples of their group approach to winning big business while everyone here just talks about the man with the neat hair and accusing finger.

I don’t know what it all means and I think it would be best if I don’t think about it too much in case it hughlights what Sarah has been whispering for the last few years, lol.

LG have about as much loyalty as Dell and Bacardi so unless WPP got 3 years cash up front, this might be another expensive excercise in revenue generation.

My one word? Ambulancechaser.

Comment by Pete

You may not of realised it Pete, but you explained why I gave the post to George before I put it up in your comment … 🙂

Comment by Rob


Comment by Crimmond

where i come from, ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result’ is the definition of insanity.

and that’s my one word answer: insanity.

Comment by lauren

Are you talking about Rob, the WPP thing or both Crimmond?

Last comment for a while, we have special annoucements to prepare for. 8-12 June.

Comment by Bazza

At least it’s only PR… which is ironic considering what happened with Infantica.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

and speaking of special announcements – if you’re not at the WWDC getting the skinny on the new OS3, my exhibition is opening in melbourne on the 9th june. you should come to that instead. it’ll be equally as filled with super stylish geeks and heart-warming innovation 🙂

Comment by lauren

… and Andy, George and I won’t be there which is surely almost as good a reason as the fact Lauren is more talented and creative than the combined power of every bugger who will be in physical or virtual attendance.

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

I have 2 words. Sue me. “Shareprice slayers”

Comment by Ant

stop fucking with my cred campbell. theres no fucking way ill be going to the apple funny farm open day. i have enough nerd shit at work without having to seek it out.

unless there’s freebies. that could do it. but im not talking booze. but that could do it too.

Comment by andy@cynic

Crimmond Associates is a forward-thinking organisation, Bazza, so I must emphasize that it was the basket weavers’ activities to which I referred.

May I enquire what West Wiltshire District Council are up to? Might pop along.

Comment by Crimmond


Comment by Marcus

Keep that sort of sarcasm up Mr Crimmond and you might be pipping Doddsy to the finishing line.

That’s a compliment by the way.

PS: I assume the West Wiltshire District Council meeting you/Baz refer to will be to discuss ideas to stop prejudice against midgets.

Comment by Rob

Thank you, Sir.

Had I the ear of that committee the plight of the diminutive would be high on their agenda.

Alas the wrath of the Stockbridge Ladies’ Guild must be assuaged before I can take up such worthy causes.

Comment by Crimmond

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