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It’s The None-May Day, May Day Teaser …
May 4, 2009, 7:08 am
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It’s May Day [well it’s not, but it’s the May Day holiday] and so I am assuming most people who read this blog have a day off and will be doing something far more interesting than reading this pile of toss.

However, I also know that to some, this blog is the friend of the friendless [John. Billy.] so to keep them from turning their back on life, I thought I’d do a little post.

Actually it’s not a post, it’s a question …

If a company described itself as ‘mediaversal’ – what do you think they’re trying to say about themselves?

There is a point to this, I’m not just trying to provoke sarcastic responses … though something tells me that’s what I’ll be getting, but hey they started it didn’t they, ha!

No, in all seriousness, if you met someone in a lift and they said they worked in a ‘mediaversal company’, what would you think the organisation did?

Right, enjoy the day and to John and Billy, step away from the knife drawer …

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how can you expect a serious response when you ask such a fucking stupid question. i presume some fuckwit media company is calling them this. well that says it all. wank. total fucking wank.

get to work you lazy bastard

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy is right, it is very wanky. but i guess if someone told me that i’d probably gather they worked for a company that made it their aim to have touchpoints in a whole load of media formats. not really a trad media company, but maybe an ideas place that tries to utilise whatever it can… including media, but also entertainment, fashion, etc… but yeah, that word is pretty average.

Comment by Age

you are fucking turning into one of “them” age.

be careful. be very fucking careful.

Comment by andy@cynic

Do you mean a planner or a mediaversal wanker? Actually, as a CD I think I already know what your answer is going to be to that…

Comment by Age

you fucking started it, lol

Comment by andy@cynic

What the hell are Andy and Age doing on this blog … I was under the impression they had lives, or at least drinking/perversion issues to keep them occupied.

Comment by Rob

What u mean?… no holiday here in Australia. I’m at work like it’s a normal miserable Monday. Though my perversion issues are indeed getting me through it 😉

Comment by Age

You mean Australia is actually WORKING????

Oh hang on, being at work and working are very different things, as I have been able to prove for the last 20 years.

Comment by Rob

I’ve just googled ‘mediaversal + advertising’ and 2 agencies came up. One of them has just gone bust (in Australia) so I think you have the populist view on the term.

Comment by Bazza

rob, what are you doing?

Comment by lauren

Nothing Lauren … what are insinuating? I’m just asking questions – that’s part of my job!

Comment by Rob

Yes I just realised that Baz, that is an upsetting and annoying coincidence.

Comment by Rob

well, actually, i’m implying, inferring, insinuating, suggesting – whatever – that you might be bored. 🙂

Comment by lauren

I’m at work … of course I’m bored 😉

Comment by Rob

good afternoon.

Comment by Marcus

my trusted study-guide (riddle me this batman: why on god’s green earth do i have to sit a maths exam to do a phd???) insists that “transversal” is crossing lines. so mediaversal shd mean cutting media? simply put: cutting the crap?

Comment by Ella

how can it mean cutting the fucking crap when its full of fucking crap?

must be an advertising company. they dont fucking get irony

Comment by andy@cynic

evening marcus

Comment by andy@cynic

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