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It’s Not A Matter Of Life & Death, It’s A Matter Of Sexuality …
May 1, 2009, 7:05 am
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After a very tense season, my beloved Nottingham Forest have – against all the odds – managed to stay up.

Obviously this doesn’t mean much to you but to people like me [and Russell, who also is a fan which shows he’s not as clever as we all thought] it’s very big news indeed.

Bottom of the league in Jan … we were tipped to go down by everyone … however after bringing Billy Davis as our manager [a move that wasn’t too popular given his previous dalliance with our nemesis, Derby County] things turned around and now we can look forward to another season of sphincter tightening medicority.

Now whilst I’d like this post to be on the irrationality of being a ‘fan’, what I want to say is that on the Evening Post website [Nottingham’s local newspaper], there’s a comment that sums up quite nicely the all encompassing power of emotions.

Well done Billy – I would sleep with you for what you’ve done. I literally love you.

Carl Peters, LTLF

I couldn’t put it better myself, however what I’m trying to say are 3 things …

1/ At the beginning of events, when all things can be classed as ‘neutral’, we have the ability to project and believe in miracles, even if all the signs say otherwise.

2/ Emotion is – along with culture – the most powerful weapon in communication.

3/ I am a sad bastard who will [i] still be buying a season ticket for next year and [ii] heading to China where they’re doing their pre-season tour.

Hey, remember Mr Davies loves them too … 🙂

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gay. and fucking stupid.

Comment by andy@cynic

is that bad?

Comment by peggy

it is if youre married to a bird and given disgusting amounts of fucking cash by clients who were under the impression you were clever

Comment by andy@cynic

it s not looking too good for carl then. if his wife and the clients find out… the transparency of the internet. this is why i m not writing my full name under tipsy comments. cheers : )

Comment by peggy

hes a forest fan. thats like wearng a great big fucking badge saying gay and stupid

Comment by andy@cynic

rather forest than bananas

Comment by gwen s.

You purchase a season ticket for a team you can hardly ever see yet still proudly wear a 30 year old Nottingham Forest scarf. I finally appreciate Andy’s point of view.

Comment by Lee Hill

So you’re announcing to the world that you revel in mediocrity?

Comment by John

rob, i understand. no, really i do.

and i’ve decided that not only can football and feminism co-exist, but that going to the game is a political act. so, by that virtue, you are continuing to uphold the highest values of ‘civilisation’ through your support.

Comment by lauren

Mediocrity? We’re well below that …

Comment by Rob

I understand why you’ve done that. Well done on staying up. We’re Delap of the Gods.

Comment by Will

how did i know planner will would relate to campbells fuckwitness

Comment by andy@cynic

Its funny, had they just missed out on playoffs you’d be disappointed…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ve always wondered why Forest don’t wear Green? Oh well, if my team make it through the play-offs (very unlikely), we’re playing you guys next season!

Comment by perki

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