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Is This The Laziest Ad In The World …
April 29, 2009, 8:31 am
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Time … as many have said … is a commodity.

I am sure I wouldn’t be wrong to suggest we’ve all gone through situations where the time available has impacted what we’ve wanted to do/achieve.

Sometimes this limitation of time is down to us … maybe we’ve miscalculated how long something would take to do or – a personal favourite of mine – we’ve procrastinated to the point where we’re left with a fraction of what we could have had.

There’s other scenarios too …

Maybe there’s been a sudden change of situation that means a much quicker response is required or it could be that an opportunity presents itself where despite all practicality screaming “NOOOOOOO”, you just have to give it a go, if only to satisfy your curiosity.

However, as much as there are an almost limitless amount of circumstances that can result in time being impacted, more often than not, when it absolutely matters – you will have certain standards that ensure what you do isn’t the cheapest or nastiest solution.

Except for those who work in adland it seems.

Ladies and gentlemen … boys and girls … I present you with the laziest in “lazy ads of the World” …

Now I’ve been around long enough to know there may be mitigating circumstances …

1/ The client briefed the agency late

2/ The client kept turning down their ideas and the deadline had arrived

3/ The client thought they were a creative genius

… but regardless of that, it is totally shit.

Now to be fair, I only saw the ad in the American press, so there may be a TV spot that turns this car crash into more of a slight car bump – but it’s still terrible.

Jesus, they’re small ice-creams … surely there’s a bunch of ways they could have promoted them other than “Test Drive”.


What about …

1/ The “depression-of-the-recession-is-making-Americans-eat-so-we’ve-launched-this-so-you-can-eat-your-troubles-away-but-not-need-expensive-medical-treatment-once-it-all-gets-better” ice cream.

2/ Helping supermodels know what it’s like to be normal.

3/ To you they’re small but to Bazza, they’re still bloody huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge

Hell, even “American classics made smaller” could of led to some interesting stuff [Closing shot: Tom Cruise with the voice over, “However some things are small enough already!”]

But this?


It’s bloody terrible and yet again it demonstrates why all ads should feature the names of the people responsible for them – given most in adland are shameless fame seekers [me included] maybe the potential of ‘name & shame’ may reduce ads like this … ads that are about as individual, differentiatied and motivating as the Volvo range since 1975.

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They say it’s a perfect fashion accessory. Even tongue in cheek that doesn’t work which is OK because it fits in with the rest of the ad.

It’s nice to have you back Robert.

Comment by Pete

i fucking hate to say this but the tom cruise line would be fucking funny. the little cult following twat would sue but it would be fucking funny. i think the ices should be positioned like methodone to the drug fucked except for american fatties. im sure you can work out the rest youre a brilliant and clever planner arent you?

Comment by andy@cynic


(laziest blog comment in he world seems fitting)

Comment by Age

What’s even more confusing is they are charging full price for half size.

Comment by Bazza

I’ve just noticed your comment on me. My lawyers will be in touch and they’re very big.

Comment by Bazza

Confirm if I am right, but are you saying agencies should be b-c brand? Are you Rob?

Comment by Niko


Comment by Robert

consumerbrands..fucking iphone..bazza what up with those type letters..

Comment by niko

i might be a bit tipsy still..but out queen is celebrating something so hurraa

Comment by niko

Tipsy? You’re positively pissed because I still haven’t grasped what you’re trying to say.

If you mean should agencies only be ‘business-to-consumer’ then of course not, however if you’re saying this piece of awfulness was meant to be B-2-B then I’d suggest you lie down after drinking quite a few cups of coffee 🙂

Comment by Robert

Everyone’s big to you Baz! 🙂

[Except their brains, because yours is super-sized. Can you pull your legal dogs off now please?]

Comment by Robert

Time is not a commodity. It’s a scarce finite resource specific to each individual.The oppposite of a commodity. As you started this post with such a heinous mistatement, I didn’t read any further. Did I miss anything?

Comment by John

Yes, I said if I had the time I’d say how brilliant and devilishly handsome John Dodds was … but as I didn’t, I’d just call him a pedantic tit.

Comment by Robert


Comment by John

U know what I mean. U not ready to go there is all

Comment by Niko

Oh not that again … 🙂

Comment by Robert

Must have consumed a whole packet of them as inspiration. Certainly work done at a lower state of consciousness.

Are they not Cornettos without the charm?

Comment by Crimmond

Cornettos without the charm … nice … probably explains why this is advertising without an idea.

Or charm.

Or engagement.

Or any sort of interest.

I don’t think I should carry on … 🙂

Comment by Rob

the only time it’s acceptable to use ‘lil’ as a substitute for ‘little’ is if you’re talking about ‘lil bow wow. fact.

aaaand, let me guess, these cute and adorable little ice creams are going to cost pretty close to the same amount as the old ones, which will gradually be repositioned as ‘supersize’ drumsticks, at a higher price point.

i pray each day for a less stupid consumer.

Comment by lauren

lil’ wayne..sorry to correct Lauren..Lill’flip, to but he got coldcrushed by TI in a battle and scarface of the getto boys revoked his streedcred so I’ll let that one slide..

but lil” wayne for sure..

with due respect

Comment by niko

proves theres no fucking god then doesnt it lauren

Comment by andy@cynic

Hideous branding, hideous ad.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t think “lil'” is an appropriate term for anyone … not unless you’re a grass chewing hick from Down South. [USA, not Nottingham]

Comment by Rob

andy – actually, no. see – i’m not a stupid consumer, which mean’s i’m god’s gift. ha.

Comment by lauren

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