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Advertising Exec Syndrome: Also Known As Swine Flu …
April 28, 2009, 1:16 pm
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It could be argued that during SARS, HK suffered the most.

There’s lots of reasons for this – some down to the Governments desperate attempts to keep a lid on things – so it’s reassuring to know with the swine flu that is happening on the other side of the planet, the planes and airport of HK have all leapt into action giving warnings and checking for people with symptoms via temperature cameras.

However, this leads to a question: for people coming into HK who have not been here before, does this action reassure or create fear?

Given travel agents and Governments are seemingly cancelling/advising everyone to not eat Mexican food, let alone visit the country, is HK’s proactive stance a good thing or a demonstration of a country that doesn’t want to get caught out/blamed in the future?

[PS: If the El Preseidente of Mexico puts out a message on Youtube – I will expect everyone who slagged off Mr Domino’s to maintain their air of distain! Ha!]

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The reason your flight had a PA announcement relating to the risks of swine flu is because the FAA issued a directive relating to the issue yesterday.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think it creates a little fear, but only because of the media panic and frenzy to report on terrible things.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That’s me told isn’t it.

Comment by Rob

so you lasted 24 fucking hours. better than everyone in the office thought but still shit

Comment by andy@cynic

is swine-flu related to man-flu?

Comment by lauren

if this swine/bird/humane flu influenza thing is going to be a real life (read: not only media) pandemic, i will blame every government whose only efforts at airports had been setting up cameras after several days of media hype. but then it s at least something. only pointless to some extent… don t think the cameras are creating fear. though seeing them reminds you of the problem. it s reassuring fear. the advice not to eat mexican food might be fear creating, as the warning doesn t seem reasonable… i wish i had bought some roche shares.

Comment by peggy

ignore the chicks campbell and tell me why there isnt another of your pieces of shit this evening/morning?

dont give me anu of that “im busy” shit, its never stopped you before

Comment by andy@cynic

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