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How To Be A SSS [Successful Singaporean Student]
April 22, 2009, 6:59 am
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In the past, I’ve been rather vocal about Singapore’s destructive education system … from the government’s policies … to the Universities ego … through to the attitude of many of the current students.

Of course I was generalising because I’ve met and dealt with many people [in each group] whose attitude is counter to what I’ve written about … and whilst it could be argued that in all cases, the actions being adopted are being done with ‘good intentions’, the reality is there’s too much focus on getting the best grades and salaries than on educating and inspiring the next generation to make a difference … a difference that can be measured in more ways than just the level of material possession.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with making money and there’s nothing wrong with acquiring tons of ‘stuff’ … however when that is the end goal of somebody’s actions/focus rather than it being the byproduct of what they’ve achieved, then I worry about where the future is heading for them, us and everyone.

But there is hope … oh yes … because I recently got sent a little clip by a student currently studying at SMU, a student who hates the way the system is heading and is trying to do something about it, and I hope they get supported by the powers-that-be rather than silenced, because if Government and Universities continue on this path, then as much as they think they’re doing the right thing, they may realise they’ve actually investing in their own longer-term irrelevance and/or incompatibility.

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this is great! it should be compulsory to watch during enrolment every time. not just in singapore! and not only at uni’s.

sorry for pushing to the front andy. i ll bring a present next time : )

Comment by peggy

campbell is really on the attack this week. fuck knows whats made it happen but i like it and i like the bitter student film though the poor fucker will probably end up in the changi hilton or wherever it is the government send people who criticize the system. oh yeah, its called hong kong

Comment by andy@cynic


Saying that … I’ve just been talking to Marcus – also in Germany and also awake at some ungodly European timezone time. Is there something you two should be telling me/us? Ha!

Comment by Rob

fuck me. its bad enough the krauts get up early to steal our sun lounges now theyre doing it to steal our place in the blog comments

Comment by andy@cynic

thank u for caring rob! but i cannot go to bed now. and it s your fault! well okay, mine. but then it s always nice to have someone to blame. that s how we roll over here, besides stealing the sun lounges haha but andy, really, i ll bring you a present next time. that should make it all good again no?
marcus, is there something we should say?

Comment by peggy

I’m so bored with Singapore.

Comment by John

That’s a criminal offence Doddsy!

Comment by Rob

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