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Can’t See The Poverty For The Money …
March 30, 2009, 6:03 am
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There’s been lots and lots and lots of talk about the amounts of money being put into the economy by the dear tax payer – but with the numbers being bandied about getting ever more ridiculous, it all starts to become too bizarre to comprehend.

Well, because planning is supposed to help simplify the complex [allegedly] and I am sooooooo kind, I thought I’d help with this little preso.

Read and weep …

Need some more understanding of the money involved?

A trillion dollars is 12 zeroes to the left of the decimal point. TWELVE!

If you laid one dollar bills end to end, you could make a chain that stretches from earth to the moon and back again TWO HUNDRED TIMES!!

If a military jet was flying at the speed of sound reeling out a roll of dollar bills behind it, it would take 14 years before it ran out of money.

The U.S. government now spends more than the entire GDP of Australia, China and Spain COMBINED and American workers now net almost 30 percent less in real wages than they did in 1973.

On the bright side there’s so many people losing their jobs that this issue won’t even matter anymore.

On the negative, the total debt obligation of the United States now exceeds 46 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Have a good week. 🙂

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Thanks Robert. Thanks a bunch.

Comment by Pete

Thanks for this Robert, we had lost count where we were at with all the spending.

By the way, do you have a calculator that accepts more than 8 digits?

Comment by Gordon & Obama

Have you considered an abacus?

Alternatively there’s an ENRON calculator that might work … it’s only 8 digits but somehow I think the answers it gives you will be even more agreeable!

Comment by Rob

oh great.

Comment by Marcus

Well, before Bush got into power there was a record budget surplus (or lowest debt); Bush destroyed it before we even hit the (big quotes) credit crunch.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And your company is called Sunshine because…?

Comment by Lee Hill

brilliant. reminds me of die hard with a vengence. and work tomorrow (i count piles of cash each day) – thanks.

Comment by lauren

Sorry but I’ve no idea what point you’re trying to make.

Comment by John

point? campbell? i bet even his cock hasnt got a point

Comment by andy@cynic

Saw this and thought it was another great visual.

Comment by Charles

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