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What The F**k Is Quentin Tarantino Going To Do Now?
March 27, 2009, 3:55 pm
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Those shady Koreans have stolen our ideas for the next gen iPod. Steve is going to go bananas.

Comment by Bazza

is it just me who thinks that baby laughter is aggressive and evil after watching the vid. on a different note… has the world gone f***in nuts?

Comment by peggy

Obviously these are taking the piss, but does anyone else think there is something not quite right about these? Like they’re just too creepy to even be entertaining…

Comment by Age

I agree with you Age, they’re very funny but they seem to back up a view I’ve had for many years that brands think there’s only one emotion for the World: Disneyland happiness.

The irony is that the parts deemed “bad” in this commercial are the funniest and most watchable. If LG did bring products out with these features I’d be inclined to think people would be more likely to buy a competitor without this feature. Unless they live in Utah.

Comment by Pete

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