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Could We Make A Sexist Joke Given AdChick Is Promoting A Show Featuring A Woman In The Kitchen?
March 9, 2009, 7:01 am
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… of course not, it’s bloody pathetic to patronise chicks … and besides, the clip is brilliant and a great idea for a mainstream telly show.

Suggested Names?

‘Harder To Swallow’ or ‘You Don’t Know You’re Born You Soft Pansies Sacks Of Shit’ or ‘Recipies From The Last Time The Banks Fucked Us All Over’ or even ‘As Your Mama’s Mama Used To Make’.

Seriously, I love everything about it … I love the concept of the show [especially apt now] … I love the way it’s produced … I love the background stories and history that gets talked about during the ‘cooking phases’ and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Clara!!!

I can almost guarantee this show would be a hit – especially with students and the elderly – and it makes you realise how bloody lucky we all are, both interms of what we have and how easily we can get it.

Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s should sign her up … fuck all these celebrity chefs with their avant-garde recipies … she can tell you how to take one bag of rice and a carrot and make it last a month.

Hmmmmn, that wouldn’t be very good for sales would it.

Well they should sign her up anyway because she’s wonderful and emits more charm and likability than all the big time cooking charlies put together.

If you want to know more, you can click here but make sure you check out Adchick, because whilst this stuff is novel to us, it’s part of her everyday normality, ha!

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clara is a fucking diamond but dont try and act all nonchalant towards ramsey and oliver when you own every fucking dvd of the scottish swearer and wet your knickers like an excited 5 year old at a mylee cyrus concert when mr mockney wrote a comment here. love clara and her idea and she pisses on that oprah wannabe rachel ray. and looks hotter too

Comment by andy@cynic

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to give the fat and sassy in todays world a Big Dose of Clara? We have much to learn from a lady like that…my own Grandmother just turned 94 and is razor sharp….she’ll size you up, tell you what she thinks and will be right on! I do in fact, live among people much like this, although not as aged as Clara. Glad you followed up, Rob. You’re a hoot!

Comment by adchick

right on! clara rocks, but she’s no match for mrs c. cool, but not that cool.

Comment by lauren

After the recent publicity relating to our inflight catering, maybe I should suggest Clara becomes our chief food advisor.

Glorious lady.

Comment by Lee Hill

She cooks.

She’s funny.

I’ve been with uglier women.

Is she single?

Comment by Billy Whizz

she s so sweet. i would like to give her a hug. just because she s so cute. and positive. and cordial. okay… i ll stop that… but i really think it would make a good tv show people would actually watch, because it is useful and entertaining. i ve read that the amount of people receiving food stamps in the u.s. has risen to 31 million. and given that people don t have the money to go out to eat or do much else outside the house that costs money, they ll probably be staying in more and are likely to watch tv. well, and cook instead of microwave.
an interesting mindset there, billy : )

Comment by peggy

shed still say no billy

Comment by andy@cynic

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