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Exaggeration: As Brought To You By Adland …
February 27, 2009, 6:46 am
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Now I know money is tight and so people are scrambling around trying to raise a few extra bucks to pay their bills.

And I know that if you’re really hard up, getting a sale would feel like a good thing … possibly even an achievement … but I have to say that even if you were on the cusp of bankruptcy, I doubt selling your 3 year old iron for $14.58 or getting a shelf stacking job at $2.46 an hour would give you the same level of satisfaction as Obama felt when he became the first black president of the USA.

But hey, not according to the Classified Post in HK …

I’m trying to work out if they’re trying to say Obama got his job after seeing it in the paper.

WANTED: US President.

If you are a motivated, conscientious, business minded professional with at least 10 years experience in government management, we want to hear from you.

You should be a team player, at ease with continuous and probing media attention and comfortable with social interaction.

We are offering a 4 year contract [with the potential of this being carried over for another 4 years] competitive salary, housing, transport and excellent pension scheme.


Contact: with your resume and references.

Hey maybe it happened …

Regardless of that, if you’re broke, jobless, depressed or lonely, all you have to do is buy a copy of the HK Classified Post and you’ll feel like a winner … not just any winner … but King of the winners.

I’m telling you, they are going to put Oprah and Prozac out of business within weeks!

If I wanted to be kind, I’d say the insight behind this campaign was that the residents of HK didn’t consider the Classified Post as a place to find career jobs, but having bought a copy, I’d say the reason they felt that way was because it’s true.





Presidents of Companies, let alone countries?


But hey, at least I noticed it – and as many people in adland keep telling me, especially media planners and buyers – that’s all that counts!

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That’s because the media landscape is so one dimensional.

Comment by John

Stop quoting me back at me.

But you’re right … or should I say, I am!

Comment by Rob

i would be interested if obama approved this message. seriously, are they even allowed to use the picture? i would assume that they are not. or can anybody try to sell stuff with his image? i wonder what happens if obama s lawyers notice the ad as well.

Comment by peggy

It’s no more over the top than pitching for a design job and claiming you have the power of gravitational force. 🙂

If that photo of Obama was taken in the public domain and then placed in cyberspace, I think it can legally be used without prejudice even if morally it is a pretty questionable thing to do.

Knowing Asia I would imagine the attitude was “if he doesn’t like it, he can sue us” knowing it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth. In Asia copyright is not something they think is worth worrying about.

Comment by Pete

Asia really damaged you didn’t it Pete? Ha!

Shit, what does that say about me …

… don’t answer, ha!

Comment by Rob

i would guess it s some stock pic. but who knows.

just found (seems to be white house approved) hail to the ch-ch-ch-chief!

Comment by peggy

Or as The Onion pitched it:

Black man given worst job in America.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i love it when ads like this appear. when the aspirationals really turn on the aspiration… be free by reading the classifieds, have true courage by buying a tampon, change the world by shaving with an extra blade. pfft, fuck off.


Comment by lauren

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