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And Newcastle Fans Thought They Were Unlucky When They Got Joe Kinnear As Manager …
February 13, 2009, 6:00 am
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Bummed to death?


I tell you, the Financial Times has really gone down market these days hasn’t it!

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where in the name of fucking god did you find this? it is the most brilliant thing ive ever read. ever

on a more serious fucking note it is animal rape and that should not be taken lightly. its also going to play fucking hell with the rspca “pet for life, not just christmas” thing

what the fuck happens now? is the zebra sent to a zoo for 20 years hard labour or sent to dr doolittle to assess if its mad and thinks its really a horse?

fuck knows but don’t let anyone say this isnt the blog for all the hard hitting planning news

Comment by andy@cynic

I assume the ‘black and white striped t.shirt’ was in fact a Newcastle Utd football strip!
insert humorous football comment here: bums on seats, up the arsenal, hO and indeed ho!

Comment by Mr McG

Who was the camp source? Graham Norton?

Comment by Lofty

Are you and Andy writing stories for the Sunday Sport again?

Comment by Lee Hill

Nice, nice, nice. Which publication was this?

Comment by Will


Comment by Bazza

Already snatched the pole position for the Darwin Awards ’09.

Comment by Claudio

bummed. they used bummed.

Comment by lauren

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