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Blast From The Past …
February 11, 2009, 7:27 am
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I was going through my old computer files and found my radio ads for Diet Tango.

I know they’re mischievous but I still love them and were based on my old colleague Wayne, who I would see coming back to the agency every day with pie and chips and a diet soda.

What I loved was that he really felt that diet drink was contributing to being ‘healthy’ when what it really was doing was helping his justify his pie and chips when he’d promised his other half he was trying to make better choices.


Anyway, here the are:

[I have the entire set, but these 2 are still my faves!]

After all these years they’re still great – infact, I’d go as far as to say they are better than many current television commercials – which demonstrates that once upon a time there were creatives who could write great communication [for any medium] despite having some pesky planner demand it all be linked to their core insight and commercially focused strat/idea.

And to think I was starting to believe it was all a dream … 😉

PS: Yes I know there’s a lot of creatives that can do this, it’s a joke.

J.O.K.E – a bit like most of the planning community. [See what I did there? Ha!]

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you think you can stick the knife in the back of the creative community then say “joke” and everythings better? fuck you. planner boy. if it wasnt for these fucking great great spots id be there panning your head in right now.

fucking great stuff, one the last great bits of stuff they did before the “decline” . its mark heap isnt it? inspired. hhcl were great at many things but their ability to get casting absolutely fucking spot on was one of the great unsung elements to their fucking genius. you were one of their low points

Comment by andy@cynic

Mark Heap? I have no idea – but you’re showing your secret nerd side there Andy!

Saying that, the ‘quest of cast’ was an very important HHCL trait – and definitely helped make some of the ads far more impactful than they may otherwise of been.

To be honest I am shocked how few agencies really pay attention to this issue – too many just go for bog standard casting calls, using bog standard characterisations – when the voice/look can take things to completely different levels, especially in an industry where ‘grabbing attention and engagment’ are such important elements.

Comment by Rob

Absolutely Andy, if you look at the Tango ads (and a lot of the other great hhcl work like Maxell) the casting and V/O is always spot on for the tone of voice and message.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Don’t forget Mr M, Andy was at HHCL as well so he might take your comment as personal praise, ha!

Comment by Rob

so he was like a reverse silent letter. not written in HHCL, but very much heard?

Comment by niko

Congratulations Niko, I think that is the first time in history the words ‘silent’ and ‘Andy’ have been used in the same sentence!

Even after he buggered off to the US to I swore I could still hear his rude, shouty voice around the office. For about 4 bloody years! It is quite common knowledge we weren’t exactly each others biggest fans so why I started a company with the evil shit is still a question I ask myself. Every single day, ha!

Comment by Rob

I think you did it because you’ve always wanted to help out the helpless. 🙂

(I’m joking Andy, I know you’re the real power behind the throne. George’s throne.)

Comment by Bazza

you started a company with me? i started a company with you you cheeky fucker and i only did that because i thought your lovely parents had suffered enough

nice to see youve not lost any of your toady tendencies baz. bet jobs loves it when you rim his i-ass

Comment by andy@cynic

Would that be the throne that sits in Mary’s garage?

Comment by John

Back in love with Radio. Lovely engaging stuff.

Comment by Charles Frith

i-ass? hahaha!!!

Comment by Age

finally someone on this shithole that appreciates genius. ive always rated you age

Comment by andy@cynic

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