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Think Before You Speak …
February 5, 2009, 6:30 am
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I know this is going to paint me as a total condescending wanker – but I just can’t help it.

Have a look at this …

Which came first? The choice of children’s name or the clothing range?

To be honest it doesn’t matter … neither does the fact I’ve always found it weird people can decide on a child’s name prior to even falling pregnant … what does matter is the fact the person in question is going to India to promote her clothing range.


Well because the photograph that accompanied the above interview was this …

Photo: Loaded

Hmmmmn …

Now I know I have never lived in India … but I have been there many, many times … and if memory serves me correctly, I have never seen anyone on the crowded streets wearing a g-string and a fake diamond necklace/chocker.

Maybe that’s because the people haven’t been able to get them – and if that’s the case, she’s going to clean up financially – but I have to ask what sort of clothing range has she developed that she believes is more appropriate for the Indian market versus somewhere closer to home?

If you know or can point me towards it, please tell me so you can put me out of my confused misery.

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wow ! I think I know him ! er – well that is before he became a she !

Comment by fan

it will be popular!

Comment by bhaskar

Normal service has resumed then Rob?

Comment by Bazza

Your new assistant I assume.

Comment by John

We don’t take “Loaded” girls John, only “Maxim”.

They’re much classier. Just like us/me. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

How is Emah?

Comment by John

Oh dear…

One day one of these brainless morons will try and launch an underwear line in Saudi Arabia… I will laugh

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Emah is busy at the ‘black sheep’ agency and having a jolly good time. Whether this is because of the ‘black sheep’ agency or the fact she no longer has time to MSN with you is the big question.

Mr M, it can only be a matter of time …

Comment by Rob

mr M, as I am sure you know, sexy underwear is already quite big with saudi/arab women….

now would this particular strat work, that’s a different question..

though with the amount of silicones this lady has, the stones would just bounce of her anyways, so who knows they might go for it 😉

Comment by niko

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