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Encouragement Costs Nothing, But Can Achieve Everything …
January 29, 2009, 9:11 pm
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For all the training corporations give their people – more often than not it’s nothing more than how to follow internal processes or use their ‘proprietary’ tools.

Sure that’s important, but so is just helping people believe – not in the blind, American-parent sense of the word – but in letting people feel they are not alone and not isolated.

I know this is an old story and unrelated to adland … but it’s absolutely brilliant and a lesson to all companies about how to get the potential out of every employee, not to mention how communication with emotion is better than ads with just a gag.

Thanks Geert.

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That is awesome. Never saw it before 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

I’d not seen this before either. Yup, awesome.

Comment by Marcus

its our fucking duty to help the people who work with us to be as good as they can fucking be. most teachers get no choice in who they have but employers do. maybe thats why so many of the fuckers do so little because they think they are already owed something?

normally I hate the stuff on this blog but this is good and the words are even fucking relevant to the video which makes a fucking change.

good man campbell and fucking good man marcus. as faith no more sang “i care a lot”

Comment by andy@cynic

goosebumps every time i see that!

Comment by Age

An inspiring clip and because it is a true story, it is doubly appealing. Well written Robert and well said Andrew.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s a sad day when this blog makes you cry. It’s officially happened to me.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

this blog makes me cry every fucking day fred

Comment by andy@cynic

that’s because you’re a soft bugger Boucher.

Comment by Marcus

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