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Sod Giving Brown A Job … Give Him An Oscar!!!
January 22, 2009, 10:48 am
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If you agree with me that the brilliant Marcus Brown deserves the Oscar far more than that Heath Ledger bloke [who, let’s remember, was a well-established, trained actor with lots and lots of experience] then join my Facebook group and help try and get some cred back into the Academy Awards.

Excellent work Marcus – and as much as I was captivated with the delivery, the underlying message came through loud and clear.

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That was ten-fold more creepy than Ledger ever was. Standing O, Marcus.

Comment by Age

coco the clown has aged pretty fucking badly hasnt he?

Comment by andy@cynic

ive just been told this wasnt coco the clown but marcus the brown. fucking hell hes been working long hours at the printing mill hasnt he? one moment he looks like gene fucking simmons at his evil best and then a cute panda. how the fuck does that work? even fucking bowie isnt that much of a chameleon. havent got the faintest fucking idea what its about and i dont give a fuck but i like it and that is all that should fucking matter to anyone

Comment by andy@cynic

or he could be doing an impression of gollum going to a kiss concert?

Comment by andy@cynic

or gene simmons as a pensioner

Comment by andy@cynic

or a panda going to a gollum fancy dress party

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you drunk?

I’m not saying that because of the quantity of comments, it’s just that they’re quite funny. Well, quite funny for you anyway, ha!

Comment by Rob

oh dear.

Comment by Marcus

you know it is my most expensive piece of work to date. The make up cost something like 50 Euros. That’s five times more than anything else I’ve done.

Comment by Marcus

As Dolly Parton said …

“It costs a lot of money to look that cheap”

God bless Dolly.

Comment by Rob

I’m at a loss for words. So no analogies from me.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Send in the clowns…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ll have to sleep with the light on from now on. Brilliant work Marcus.

Comment by Bazza

Thanks Bazza.

Comment by Marcus

i have to be drunk when i know im going to be listening to your shit campbell

Comment by andy@cynic

I have to be drunk. full stop.

Comment by Marcus

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